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Zahrah USA is proud to present you our latest Hookah stem, the Zahrah Spade Junior. The product was launched with a big release party on Friday 7th June 2019 in San Diego’s renowned Nara Ultra Lounge. There were friends, music, merriment, and Spade Junior Hookah. The product got some amazing response from the hookah enthusiasts. Finally, guests were given some cool giveaways from Zahrah as a thank you note for attending the launch party.


Nara Ultra Lounge Zahrah Party

Nara Ultra Lounge Zahrah Party

The Zahrah Spade Junior is a classic-looking hookah stem imbued with some modern veneer. It fits into any Egyptian and Bohemian styled glass bases and stands 27-inches tall when fitted. Made of Aerospace 6061 aluminum, the downstem is highly durable. Being anodized, the paint is scratch and peel-proof. The entire crowd at the release party has appreciated how smooth it is to smoke. It is a double-hosed hookah stem available in five different colors; red, blue, rose gold, olive gray, and black.

Nara Ultra Lounge Zahrah Party


Along with the amazing hookah stem comes:

  • Base grommet
  • Rubber washers
  • Ball bearings
  • 9-inch ashtray made of aluminum

Zahrah Spade Junior is available for sale online. Order in bulk and get it at a wholesale value. Hurry up, order Zahrah Spade Junior today!

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