Zahrah's Columbus Day Sale


In order to commemorate Columbus Day this Monday, Zahrah Hookah is putting all its premium handmade glass hookahs on sale. From now til next Sunday, all customers receive a 20% discount when they shop from our Glass Hookahs - USA Made collection. To receive the discount, enter the coupon code "COLUMBUS" on the checkout page.

Our newest glass hookah models were introduced earlier this year. The Zahrah Z21 and the Zahrah Z16 are both excellent choices for those who are looking for a fancy work of art while conserving space.

Zahrah Z16

(Zahrah Z16)

Zahrah Z21

(Zahrah Z21)

Make sure to head over to our Glass Hookahs - USA Made right away and catch this special before it's gone. And make sure to enter the coupon code "COLUMBUS" at checkout to receive your 20% off discount.

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