Shisha Review: Zomo Secret of Babylon

Shisha Review: Zomo Secret of Babylon


Zomo Secret of Babylon

Hey Hookah Lovers! We are back again with another Shisha review. This time we are going to review Zomo Secret of Babylon. The first thing that strikes us is the beautiful artwork on the packet. Well, it comes in a 50 grams pack. There is one thing that Zomo does; it doesn't only offer you some exotic flavors of the specific region but teleports you to that era, land of culture.

A Bit about Babylon

Back in 1700 BC, Babylon in Mesopotamia used to be the largest city in the world. Presently, it is nothing but ruins. It had an intriguing history. We won't get into many details right now, but one thing that we can't miss is its diet. The Babylonian diet included lots of fruits especially watermelons. Zomo tobacco has wonderfully captured that in this tobacco flavor.


Zomo Secret of Babylon

It comes in 50-gram packets, very juicy and thus very easy to pack in the bowl. Once you open the packet and take an initial smell, it would remind you of the Mediterranean Melon Salad. Another thing that you will enjoy in this flavor is the cooling effects of the mint. It is tough to capture the real tastes of the watermelon, but Zomo has been spot-on. Melons actually don't have a strong flavor of its own, but it leaves you fresh. Secret of Babylon has not only the actual mild taste of the fruit but also the freshness. The blend of melon and mint is just so balanced and fantastic; it stays consistent throughout the session.


It is probably the ideology of the maker to transfer you into the culture of other regions so you can enjoy the taste of its native fruits, spices, and blends through tobacco. If you are a melon person; this is your go-to tobacco flavor. You would surely be blown away. Worth trying!

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