Zomo Tobacco: The best brand you haven't heard of YET

Zomo Tobacco: The best brand you haven't heard of YET


Zomo Tobacco


Zomo Tobacco was established in in June of 2015 with a grand vision in mind. Zomo Tobacco is an experience that is unlike anything in the market today. Here in the USA, we have gotten used to the classic brands that have been around for years and also new brands that come to copy the success of older brands. We have not seen anything new and revolutionary for many years and it's time we got something that will blow our socks off.

Zomo Tobacco has multiple lines of tobacco in their offering that appeals to different types of smokers. The different lines of hookah tobacco includes Classic, Black Edition, Splash, Strong, and World Experience. Each line of tobacco has it's unique appeal and style. The different lines of tobacco are engineered to excel in their own way and perfect the taste of the flavors.

Zomo Tobacco

It took years for Zomo to perfect their art of hookah tobacco manufacturing. Just like any other company in any industry, trial and error is key to success. Zomo Tobacco went through dozens of changes and pivots before landing on their formula of success that has driven them to the top of the ranks in Latin America. This was fueled by their attentive respect to customer feedback. Each opinion was taken with open ears willing to accept constructive criticism and improving upon what was a good product so that it can become a great product.

You can see the manufacturing process used by Zomo in the video below. All the flavoring, the packaging, and shipping is done in house from the Zomo factory.


Zahrah is partnering up with Zomo Tobacco to bring 3 of their top lines to the USA as early as the end of March or early April of this year. These 3 lines include the Black Edition, Strong line and the World Experience lineup of special tobacco.


The Black Edition Zomo Tobacco is the strongest of it's kind using dark leaf tobacco that is aged in barrels for months. This marination method allows the flavor to soak deep inside the tobacco to let it absorb all the flavoring and juices so it creates a much fuller and richer smoke. Typical marinating methods rush the process for a decent result so that manufacturing is more efficient and streamlined. Typical methods save the company time and money on the long run and although it may churn out a "decent" tobacco product, the icing on the cake is still missing. Aging tobacco in barrels for months creates a truly one of a kind experience that can only be explained once you try it for yourself.

Strong Mango

Zomo's Strong Line is made with dark leaf tobacco and marinated with highly sophisticated processes to ensure that the flavors deliver a phenomenal result with a lasting taste. This line contains 7 flavors including Mint, Pine, Blue, Lemon, Mango, Orange, and Passion.


Zomo Tobacco flavors

The World Edition line from Zomo Tobacco features six special mystery flavors that symbolically represent various well known parts of the world. The flavors are named Blue Caribbean, Dry Sahara, Secret of Babylon, Swiss Alpes, Wild Africa, and Tropical Amazon. Smoking these six mysterious flavors will ignite a fuel of excitement for you to enjoy the sensational wonders of this world. Each flavor is hand selected and rated to be top notch by shisha experts from around the world.

If you didn't have a chance to try the flavors at the Zahrah booth at TPE this year, you won't have to wait much longer. Zomo Tobacco is arriving to the USA as early as end of March or early April to your favorite online retailer, hookah lounge, smoke shop and more.

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