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A bit newer to the tobacco industry, Al Rayan was founded in 2011 with the goal to deliver continuously improving products that are smooth and long-lasting. The company is always opened to feedback about their tobacco in order to continue improving their brand, meaning they care about their consumers. It’s also known that the Alandalus logo contains symbols that represent the extensive history of tobacco. Based on USA & European derived ingredients, Al Rayan has taken a powerful hold in the Hookah world and you can find their most popular and delicious flavors right here at Zahrah! Al Rayan tobacco is known for their lasting and fragrant aromas, that will delight all five of your senses. We offer two size varieties, 1 kilogram and 250 grams depending on your needs. With more than 30 flavors, including Watermelon Mint and Cappuccino, available online on Zahrah, you are bound to find the best one.



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