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Health conscious consumers can now rejoice with this non-tobacco, all-natural shisha brand, Heaven Leaf. The company is set on producing only the best and finest non-tobacco using 100% natural ingredients, from the beginning to the end of the shisha making process. They have even made their own sugar syrup in order to keep the natural source of flavor in their nontobacco products intact. Their sugar syrup is not derived of honey or molasses because those ingredients tend to mask or dilute the flavor of shisha. Their shisha is free of any artificial flavorings and additives and is a great choice for those who partake in a healthier diet or want to reduce their intake of artificial and synthetic ingredients. This all-natural shisha still packs a flavorful blow and offers smooth smoke sessions and are available at Zahrah in their 100 and 200 gram presentations. There are over 30 flavors to choose from as well!



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