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Khalil Mamoon originally started off as a hookah manufacturer in Cairo, Egypt back in 1873 producing hand-made hookah water pipes. We suggest you take a look into what hookah water pipes are if you don’t already know. Khalil Mamoon has now extended its market to the shisha making business and has done quite a lovely job at it, in taste and smoothness. Their line of shisha tobacco is made from a mixture of premium tobacco, honey and flavorings. Zahrah offers you a selection of over 35 flavors to choose from, including exotic ones such as Cactus or FakhFakhina, which is a mix of lemon, kiwi, strawberry and pineapple. Our online store offers you three size presentations, starting from 100 grams to the 1-kilogram tub that is sealed to retain freshness. Seek a taste of Egypt without leaving your home by trying out one of the amazing flavors available on our store.

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