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Oduman Hookahs are quickly becoming the flagship of modern glass hookah designs. Oduman Hookahs have a full and open design that allows for a smooth smoking experience that typically comes with sized hookahs. Oduman hookahs are easy to carry and make for great travel hookahs. Made in Turkey, Oduman is excelling the push towards a more modern and stylish feel in the hookah industry. In the rest of the world, European hookahs are still a novelty but with Oduman making a large splash in to the USA, the market for stylish and modern hookahs is picking up speed very fast.

We bring you closer to your perfect hookah by offering you the best of Oduman hookahs for all consumers. The company that created the brand Oduman, Ugur Pres Makine Ins., was founded in 1979, but Oduman hookahs have only been around since 2014. Don’t let that date fool you though, they have been creating spectacular hookahs that deserve a mention. Their hookahs are fashioned and elaborated based on three basic factors: a welcoming design, high quality, and flawless functionality. All glass materials are handblown and become an exclusive product. Metal parts are made from stainless steel while the hoses are made of safe food-grade silicone that is easy to clean. If you are looking for a nontraditional look for your new hookah, an Oduman hookah here at Zahrah is the place to search. Explore what we have for you in select Oduman hookahs that rivals competitors in simplicity and functionality. 



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