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There is nothing ugly about Ugly Hookah Tobacco! No wonder their slogan is Ugly Never Tasted So Good. Ugly tobacco is packed with freshness and flavor that will make your mouth water. Zahrah offers you their 100- and 250-gram size presentations with all the diverse flavors you can imagine. Ugly Hookah tobacco was founded in Oak Lawn, Illinois and is known for producing great clouds. Their tobacco is based on a honey and molasses mixture and flavor extracts from around the globe. They produce small batches of product and use high-quality Virginia FC tobacco. With an extensive array of flavors that are all rich, cloudy and smooth, every Hookah smoker will soon find their favorite. Be ready for mouthwatering indulgent with any of the 20+ available flavors online. Remember to select the best size for your needs and to pick the flavor you are interested in buying from the drop-down menu before purchasing.



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