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Premium Glass Base (Mini)

Premium Glass Base (Mini)

Zahrah Mini Bohemian Czech Republic Base

Zahrah Mini Bohemian Czech Republic Base

Most hookah bases come in standard sizes, inspired by the Egyptian hookahs designs. Other hookah bases are made of different materials, and with varying sizes and styles and colors. The material or the colors do not matter as much to the overall experience as much as size does. If you need help selecting a base to go with your hookah, contact us and we will gladly help you. As always, we provide lots of reviews, pictures, galleries, and videos so you can research yourself and make a sound decision when purchasing a hookah base (vase).

When it comes to smoking a hookah, you need to have a quality hookah base. It plays a crucial role in transforming the smoke experience. It contains liquid which is responsible for filtration and cooling down of the smoke produced. Whether you have accidentally broken your old hookah base, or you want something to enhance the beauty of your favorite hookah set, or you need the best hookah bases for your hookah lounge or smoke shop, you will find plenty of options right here.

At Zahrah, we go to great lengths to get the best pieces that would cater to all your replacement requirements. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to keep a couple of good hookah bases handy not only in event of breakage but also to be used as a replacement when one base is being cleaned. Zahrah is one of the most renowned online smoke shops where you can procure everything you require for an exceptional hookah smoke session. We bring you an exclusive collection of hookah bases featuring arty craftsmanship, sturdiness, and usability.

Different Hookah Base Styles to Choose From

Most of the Egyptian-styled hookah bases come in standard sizes. While other bases exhibit some craftsmanship. Whether it is the material, size, shape, color, or ornamentation, there is no limit. There are small, medium as well as large-sized hookahs available in the market. Hence, there must be appropriate hookah bases that will fit them as well. Depending on the material,  designs, the hookah base can be further classified. Every smoker has an individual style preference when it comes to hookah smoking. 

While some prefer the timeless, chic glass-made hookah bases, some like acrylic bases. Many find the acrylic hookah base reliable and durable. 

Every hookah base style is very enticing. Each style exhibits certain qualities and features. However, all of them have beautiful craftsmanship that enhances your overall smoke experience.

Glass Hookah Base

Hookah Base made of high-quality glass is considered to be exquisite. If you are someone who smokes shisha to relish its authentic flavors and have a heavenly experience, then Glass Hookah Base is a great choice.  

Acrylic Hookah Base

They are best for hookah enthusiasts who smoke frequently. Acrylic Hookah Bases appear to be most appropriate for a smoker with frequent smoke needs. Cleaning these bases is very convenient. 

Design-wise, hookah base can be of several styles like Traditional Base, Egyptian Designs, Bohemian Styles, Modern-Styles, and more. No matter what kind of base material you like, which style suits your personality the best, you will find top hookah bases from renowned brands available here.

Top Hookah Bases Styles and Brands Available at Zahrah

Two things may prompt you to get a new hookah base. If you smoke shisha often, then you might require a new hookah base after some time.  Every day new bases featuring beautiful designs and styles are being introduced. You can browse all of them here and pick one to upgrade your existing setup. Secondly, if you accidentally damage the present hookah vase, then you would require a replacement base to get it together.

Zahrah Hookah Base

Zahrah is renowned for bringing you some of the exotic glass hookah bases. They are like some exquisite artwork featuring delicate artwork, distinct colors, shapes, and sizes that would fit your hookah stem perfectly. Some of Zahrah bases worth checking out include Zahrah Special Edition HandMade Bohemian Czech Republic Base with 24K Gold Filigree, Z70 Base, and many more.

Starbuzz Hookah Base

Starbuzz is not only one of the most popular Hookah Tobacco brands, but it has also earned a reputation for manufacturing some high-quality Hookah accessories like Hookah Bases. We got some beautiful hookah bases from Starbuzz like Starbuzz Diamond Cut Base, Premium Base, Starbuzz Unicus Replacement Base, Starbuzz Tsunami Base, Starbuzz Carbine Base.

Shop Top Hookah Base on Zahrah

Zahrah brings you an extensive assortment of premium hookah bases from renowned brands that you may not find anywhere else. We believe in offering you an exceptional shopping experience that you would cherish for a long time. To ensure that we have an exclusive line of top-notch products, the lowest possible rates in the market, a team of professionals to assist you, a well-knitted network for fast shipping across the nation. We are also having some elite discount offers for our dedicated customers. Lastly, when you order for $135 or more, we will get it shipped to your doorstep for free across the country.

Get Exclusive Wholesale Hookah Base Deals

The good news is that we are also accepting bulk orders. Now, you don’t have to toggle between different online smoke shops. Browse the most extensive hookah gear collection here. Log into your Zahrah Wholesale Account to look into our best wholesale deals that none in the market could match.  

Order Your Favorite Hookah Base Only On Zahrah

Whether you need a hookah base for replacement, or hookah tobacco, or a complete set, you will get scores of top-notch options right here. We, at Zahrah, intend to provide you with a splendid smoking experience. Shopping for that often becomes a complex task. Not anymore as we got the best team to assist you apart from high-quality products, fast shipping, great deals, and free shipping on orders worth $135. Hurry up, waste no time. Explore our collection of premium hookah bases and other premium products available at the lowest possible market price.

Hookah Bases

4 of 52 products