Black Diamond Hookah Charcoal (Wholesale)

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Black Diamond brings you 100% natural charcoals that are made from coconut shells. This pack contains standard sized 120 pieces of flat coconut charcoals weighing 1 kilogram. It is not a quick lite coal which means no chemical this product does not include any synthetic or glue. Within 5 to 8 minutes on an electric burner or stovetop, it will get fully light. Once lit, these Black Diamond hookah charcoals can last up to 60 minutes which is three times longer than traditional coal cubes. It is widely famous for being an extensive source of heat without any odor or smoke. It is clean tasting coal that produces minimal ash as compared to the conventional coal cubes.
Once you try your favorite shisha flavor with these eco-friendly, 100% organic coals; you going to love Black Diamond Hookah Charcoal for sure.

  • No filler or chemical has been added.
  • Both environment-friendly and economical.
  • Adds no unwanted tastes to your hookah.



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