NAR Head by Starbuzz Heat Management System (Wholesale)

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Starbuzz is proud to introduce the NAR Head, a heat management system intent on giving hookah enthusiasts more control over the charcoal and flavor output used in their smoke sessions.

Features and Benefits

  • The NAR Head is made with heavy-duty construction that uses conduction and convection to transfer heat.
  • Built-in thermometer, allows you to monitor your hookah session to a degree precisely.
  • Unique metal housing design, ensures your coals stay lit and completely prevents ash fallout onto your Shisha, resulting in pure flavor.
  • Detachable rubber handles, allow for an easy, safe and clean set-up as well as removal.
  • Each NAR Head includes a padded travel case for secure transport

Tip: Smoke sooner by per-heating the bottom plate on a coil burner while warming your charcoal.