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Upgrade your smoke sessions with the very exquisite hookah set from Overdozz. The Overdozz Hookah Set comes complete with everything that you require for an amazing experience.  The complete set stands 20-inches tall featuring a gorgeous hookah stem made of aluminum. It comes with an anodized veneer which gives it a rich metallic appearance and prevents peeling. It comes with a matching anodized aluminum hose handle providing a comfortable grip. The body of the hose is made of medical-grade soft silicone making it light and convenient. The Overdozz Hookah Set is perfectly complemented and perfected by a pair of stainless-steel tongs, a wide stainless-steel tray, and a detachable diffuser that matches the set perfectly.

Manufactured by the seasoned hookah artisans of Spain, Overdozz Hookah Set is a piece of art meant for offering you a lush hookah experience every time.

• Complete hookah set 20 inches tall
• Anodized polished aluminum stem
• Matching anodized aluminum hose handle
• Medical grade soft silicon hose
• Stainless-steel matching tongs
• Stainless-steel matching tray
• Stainless-steel detachable diffuser

Brand Hong Quat Packging

Kg 54g

Calo 36 Calo



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