Steamulation Hookah Pro X II (Wholesale)

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The Epitome of Engineering, The Steamulation Pro X II stands above all others with its ingenious functions and features, all wrapped up in an incredibly minimalistic design. 

This is the most sophisticated engineering in any Hookah to date:

  • Steamulation Purge Pro - not only does the Pro X II feature a central purge, but it gives you adaptability to change and upgrade your purge
  • Steamulation Flow Control - gives you the freedom to choose how open or restricted your hookah is by adjusting the built-in hose adapter.
  • Steamulation Downstem Control - allows you to change the length of your downstem easily as you adjust the settings of your Pro X II specifically to your preferences.
  • Steamulation Pro X II Diffuser - the most efficient diffuser on the planet which allows you to soften and eliminate bubbling without sacrificing flowrate!
  • Steamulation Click 360 Heart - allows you to quickly and easily snap on or off your Pro X II from the Steamulation Base.
  • Steamulation MultiUse MultiHose - the level of engineering that's gone into the heart of this hookah is something to truly marvel at!  this system allows multiple people to freely smoke and purge simultaneously without anyone needing to "plug the hose tip with their hand", ending the negative connotation towards multi-hose hookahs forever.  All while giving you the freedom to smoke solo whenever you see fit.


1 standard stainless hose adapter

1 Pro X II Stem

1 Pro X II Base

Certificate of Authenticity

Instruction Manual

  • Recommended Water Level:
  • with Diffuser: 1cm above the highest row of holes
  • without Diffuser: 2cm above the end of the downstem