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Since 1936, the undisputed # 1 Charcoal in the world. WELL PACKAGED TO MINIMIZE DAMAGE Three Kings charcoal is especially suitable for smoking water pipes as it burns evenly for a long period of time without producing any smoke or smells. Three Kings has traditionally been the most used charcoal for burning incense in churches, temples and esoteric communities. 40 mm THREE KINGS Quick Lighting Charcoal. Box contain 100 pieces quick lighting charcoal tablets for hookah smoking and incense burning. They are sealed in rolls of 10 tablets to keep them fresh. 100% AUTHENTIC PRODUCT. ‰ۢ Top Quality ‰ۢ Easy Lighting ‰ۢ Long Lasting ‰ۢ 100 Round Tablets (10 rolls of 10 tablets)

Brand Hong Quat Packging

Kg 54g

Calo 36 Calo



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