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Thick White Hose Grommet$ 1.25

Thick White Hose Grommet   *One Piece 

Zahrah Dark Leaf Bowl$ 15.99

If you're an experienced hookah smoker who enjoys smoking dark leaf tobacco, then the Zahrah Dark Leaf Bowl is perfect for you. This bowl is design...

Zahrah Wood Coaster$ 24.99

Looking to add a touch of class to your hookah? Zahrah has the perfect solution – the Zahrah Wood Coaster. This beautiful stand is perfect for any ...

Zahrah Bowl Stopper$ 3.99

If you're a professional hookah user, you know that packing a bowl diligently is essential to the smoking experience. Unfortunately, tobacco can of...

Zahrah Charcoal Tongs$ 8.99

If you're a professional hookah enthusiast, then you know how important it is to have the right tools. Zahrah Charcoal Tongs are specifically desig...

Zahrah Everyday Bowl$ 15.99

The Zahrah Everyday Bowl is the perfect hookah bowl for those who are looking for an easy to use option that is versatile and compatible with all t...

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A Brief Guide to Modern Hookahs Based On Origin

  • 22 July , 2022

Hookah designs and configurations have come a long way over the years. The future is all about modern variations and compressed designs. However, t...

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The Top 6 Fruity Shisha Flavors Of The Season

  • 22 July , 2022

The flavor you add to your shisha bowl greatly impacts your overall shisha experience. Whether you have a silicone, clay, or ceramic tobacco bowl, ...

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Shisha flavors and How to choose them

  • 04 July , 2022

Shisha Shisha is a generic term for a flavored tobacco kind, with a syrup-like consistency combined with various flavors typically smoked from a ho...

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