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ARKA Coconut Shell Charcoal$ 13.99

ARKA Performance Cocos, derived from 100% natural coconut shells for unadulterated in-session performance.  Developed with only 3 goals in mind: ...

ARKA Tempest LP1$ 39.99

The ARKA Tempest was Designed & Engineered to be the most versatile bowl on the market by a curated team of experts in hookah, ceramics, and th...


ADALYA TOBACCO is a global brand created by a tobacco expert, who was born on a tobacco farm in 1963, graduated from the university with the title ...

Starbuzz SB-H1 Hookah Set$ 224.99

The Starbuzz SB-H1 Hookah Set is the perfect addition to any hookah enthusiast's collection. With its sleek design and durable materials, this hook...

WOOKAH Mini & Travel Bag$ 359.99

Oak is a light and natural looking kind of wood. It is a type of hardwood - strong and durable, so it is widely used in the furniture and flooring...

Zahrah Hookah Blog

How To Buy Good Quality Hookah As A Beginner

  • 01 September , 2022

We understand that It could be a challenging step for a beginner to buy a hookah set of the best quality on the first attempt. If you are also will...

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A Complete Guide To Making Thick Hookah Smoke

  • 01 September , 2022

One of the primary reasons people enjoy smoking hookah is because they are recognized for their dense and thick smoke. The smoker gets a delightful...

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9 Best Shisha Flavors That Zahrah USA Has Available For You

  • 01 September , 2022

While cigarette smoking has reached an all-time low, another form of tobacco use, hookah smoking, is gaining popularity. With so many new hookah fl...

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