Different methods of packing a hookah bowl

  • 15 April , 2019
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Be this your first time packing a hookah bowl or if you consider yourself a knowledgeable person in the area, there is always something new to lear...

Kaloud Samsaris Bowl How-To Guide

  • 08 April , 2019
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With the popularity of Kaloud Lotus rising, the Kaloud Samsaris bowl has become a trendy hookah product since 2015. The bowl itself is either a lov...

How to pick a good hookah product

  • 01 April , 2019
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If you are wondering if a product is worth the amount of money you are about to spend, then I will let you into a few tips but at the end, the answ...

Top 5 mistakes not to make as a hookah pro

  • 25 March , 2019
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Being an expert Hookah smoker goes beyond mixing tobacco and knowing each part of a Hookah, though that does help. A real pro knows what to do but ...

Hookah Nation: Brazil

  • 23 March , 2019
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Welcome to the Brazilian way of Hookah smoking, filled with colorful views and an expansive diversity that is not regularly seen in other countries...

How to increase the buzz from your smoke

  • 11 March , 2019
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If it is a buzz that you crave, then you must be ready to fiddle with three elements and that is choosing the correct type of tobacco, using a good...

How to get a good smoke session

  • 06 March , 2019
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If you are looking to find out what makes the difference between a decent smoke and a great one, then you've come to the right place. Hookah was me...

Different Methods of Packing a Hookah Bowl

  • 26 February , 2019
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There are a variety of ways to pack a Hookah bowl but all have essential and standard guidelines that will guarantee a smooth and even smoke. One o...

A quick guide to Hookahs

  • 18 February , 2019
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Hookah partsLearning how to use a hookah is quite simple, if a bit slow at first. It is important to know all the main parts of what makes a hookah...

What’s the deal with dark leaf?

  • 11 February , 2019
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Dark leaf shisha has always been available, but it has barely started reaching high popularity levels. Regular tobacco is called blonde cut because...



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