A quick guide to Hookahs

  • 18 February , 2019
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Hookah partsLearning how to use a hookah is quite simple, if a bit slow at first. It is important to know all the main parts of what makes a hookah...

What’s the deal with dark leaf?

  • 11 February , 2019
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Dark leaf shisha has always been available, but it has barely started reaching high popularity levels. Regular tobacco is called blonde cut because...

Smoking tips for hookah users

  • 04 February , 2019
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Many hookah beginners have questions that might be embarrassing to ask experts in the subject. You can find answers to the most commonly asked ques...

Zahrah Spade 2 - A Premium Upgrade To A Classic Design

  • 29 January , 2019
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The classic saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. But that's not how we operate at Zahrah. We strive to for perfection and that's why we ha...

How to adequately clean your hookah hose

  • 21 January , 2019
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It is important to know how to take care of your hookah accessories and cleaning them is a big part of keeping them in tiptop shape. The hookah hos...

How to properly clean a hookah base

  • 14 January , 2019
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Getting shisha flavor to remain pure and intact requires a clean hookah, including all accessories. The most troublesome to keep clean and the leas...

Hookah around the world: Brazil

  • 07 January , 2019
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If you have the chance to travel the world, you will notice how certain aspects of hookah smoking change drastically, while others remain the same....

What is the difference between narguile and hookah?

  • 04 January , 2019
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To put it simply, there is no difference between narguile and hookah. The hookah, as it is modernly known, was once referred to as narguile. The na...

Categorizing Hookah Flavors

  • 24 December , 2018
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Can you categorize the hundreds of hookah tobacco flavors available in the market? I think we can and that is what I am setting out to do. The exce...

Things you do if you’re a hookah expert

  • 17 December , 2018
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There are many who consider themselves hookah experts because they own one or two, have tasted all kinds of shisha, and display accessories or prop...



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