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Shopping for a hookah can be broadly split into two approaches. The first and more convenient approach is to consider full hookah sets, aka kits or packages. The second option is to buy the essential parts or components and accessories of a hookah separately. gives you both the options.

Beginners tend to prefer hookah packages because it is just easier to buy a complete kit or set made by one brand. Shisha connoisseurs often explore the best options available for every component and accessory. These components and accessories are not necessarily made by the same manufacturer. Hence, there is the additional prerequisite of ensuring compatibility of all parts and accessories.

What are Hookah Packages?

Hookah packages are sets or kits comprising all essential parts. The most common of all hookah packages includes a glass base, a clay bowl, a charcoal tray, a stem or pipe, a hose, a set of grommets, and a pair of cleaning brushes. Many hookah packages also include a pair of tongs and mouthpieces. The designs that have a diffuser for the down-stem or pipe include the feature. Some styles have removable diffusers. Others have this feature integrated. A few hookah packages include packs of charcoal and aluminum foils, but this is not the norm across the board.

Most hookah packages come in variants, especially in the context of colors. You are likely to find at least three to four colors to choose from. Some hookah packages have variations in certain design or style elements. For instance, the embellishment on the stem or pipe, the aesthetics of the glass base, and the form of the clay bowl may vary. You may also check out large, medium and mini versions of popular hookah packages made by several brands. The charcoal, foil, and heat management device are usually accessories that must be bought separately. Some hookah packages at Zahrah include these as well.

Advantages of Buying Hookah Packages

Buying hookah parts separately is a tedious process, especially for those who are not too familiar with shisha components and all major manufacturers. Hookah packages offer a few unmatched advantages. This does not imply every shisha enthusiast should only consider hookah packages. Those who have sufficient firsthand expertise and experience of dealing in hookah parts can embark on an extensive journey to find the absolute best option for every type of component.

  •         Reliable Quality

When you buy hookah packages from chosen brands, you can rely on the quality of every part and accessory. A popular brand has the highest standards for quality assurance and compliance. Every component made by them is equally durable. This assurance is not a given when you buy hookah parts separately, especially if you do not know whether the makers are totally reliable.

One exception to this is the sheer expertise of some manufacturers. A few companies excel in designing and manufacturing certain parts of a hookah. For instance, a company may be the finest maker of clay bowls, but it might not be that good with hoses, stems, or bases. Similarly, one company may make amazing hookah packages but their accessories, such as charcoal and foil, might be of subpar quality. These are the fundamental reasons why shisha connoisseurs tend to buy parts separately. They choose the best parts, respectively made by different companies, and assemble them for a treasured setup.

  •         Assured Compatibility

Hookah packages offer assured compatibility. The basic design and functions of most hookahs look identical. Yet, the actual dimensions, forms, and mechanisms in various hookahs can be quite dissimilar. The bore size of a stem, the diameter of an adapter, the length and other dimensions can vary significantly. It is not always easy to know if certain parts made by different companies will be perfectly compatible. The components may not have a snug fit when you put all of them together for the setup.

The assured compatibility is of vital importance. Handmade hookahs are of particular concern in this context. Unlike mass produced or machine made shisha components, handmade hookahs tend to have minor lapses in uniformity. These can become serious compatibility issues when you opt for handmade parts of different companies. Hookah packages made by one company are a safe purchase.

  •         Ease and Convenience

Shortlisting a few companies, comparing their bestselling hookah packages, choosing the variants, and then buying one among the selected few is an easy and convenient process. If you have to buy hookah parts separately, then you have to spend hours checking out hundreds of options in every category, comparing each of those options based on their features and also in the larger context of cross-brand compatibility. This process can be never ending if you fall into the rabbit hole of doom scrolling.

There are many shisha users who have decades of experience in dealing with shishas. These users know most of the brands, have actually handled their products, and can rely on their acquired knowledge to judge the new arrivals in every category. It is almost impossible to contemplate hundreds of options for every part offered by dozens of companies without such extensive experience.

  •         Relatively Affordable

Hookah packages are relatively affordable. One of the reasons why some shisha enthusiasts prefer choosing the best products of a few companies is to ensure they get the absolutely superior component for their assembled hookah. It is no secret that the undisputed best in any product category is also the most expensive. Hookah packages are priced sensibly by most companies, so you get an assured saving.

Also, there are discounts available on hookah packages, leading to a further markdown. You can also opt for add-ons with hookah packages, such as including the accessories you would need anyway. The add-ons may make your order eligible for more discounts.

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We at Zahrah have simplified the process of shopping for hookah packages. Choose your favorite brand, toggle the variants available for every part, and make your own assembled shisha while enjoying the advantages of hookah packages. You can also include charcoal packs in our hookah packages.



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