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With time and use, one or two parts of the hookahs like the bowls, hoses, hookahs tray can wear out. With proper maintenance, one can extend the life of these Hookah accessories for several months and years.  Every time your hookah gives out the flavors of your last hookah, it doesn’t mean these you need to get a whole new hookah set because of these pieces.

When your hose gets smelly, you can easily replace it with a good hookah hose. There are several kinds of hookah hoses available on if your bowl broke or you want to have a separate bowl for each shisha flavor profile you smoke, you can have several hookah bowls each dedicated to a specific shisha flavor profile and more. brings all the hookah-lovers an exclusive range of hookah accessories that you may require to swap over time.

Check out our complete Zahrah hookah accessories’ collection here.

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