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How to Blow the Best Smoke Rings?


How to Blow the Best Smoke Rings?

We often see some people blowing incredible smoke rings; it looks so cool. Don't they? Have you tried blowing some yourself, but failed? If yes, then this tutorial is for you. Believe it or not, blowing the rings is very simple. All you need is a shisha and you can master the art in 10 minutes. There are three basic methods of making rings which are as follows:

Coughing Method: As it says, you have to cough but there is a technique. You have to take in the smoke, open your mouth in a small "O" then cough. Now, there is a small twist. You should not be coughing like a normal person. Instead, cough slightly (in such a way that only you will hear yourself) and it will come out, but you got to practice to make it perfect.

Tongue Push Method: Make an 'O' with your lips. Now, you are going to push out the smoke with your tongue then take it back slightly in. When you do the movement, that is when the ring will come out. If you don't take the tongue there hollow of the ring won't come out. During this, you will see there is a little throat movement.

Jaw Pop Method: Take in the smoke, keep your jaw open. Then find a spot on your jaw where even if you put pressure to shut, it doesn’t shut. This method needs more practice than the other two.

That was three methods of blowing the perfect smoke rings. Do try them out and don’t forget to tell us which method helped you to blow the best rings!


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