Presenting New Al Fakher Hookah Flavors Crafted Batch Edition

Presenting New Al Fakher Hookah Flavors Crafted Batch Edition

Al Fakher flavors are best-known for its classic flavors. The tobaccos come with a nice intriguing flavor with a soothing finish that leaves you refreshed and relaxed. They are one of the most versatile hookah tobacco brands available in the market. If you want a flavor-forward, delicious smoke session, then you need to pack your hookah bowl with some Al Fakher flavors. Al Fakher has recently launched its new Al Fakher Hookah Flavors Crafted Batch Edition which features some bold flavors, enormous smoke clouds, and a nice buzz. These tobaccos are here to mark a new era of Al Fakher Shishas.

Al Fakher Crafted Batch Shisha Tobacco

Al Fakher's standard line of single note flavors allowed the newbie smokers to pick the exact flavor they desired without decoding a baffling tobacco name. Even the extreme hookah enthusiasts find it comfortable and easy to mix in different Al Fakher flavors to create their custom flavor blends. Now, Al Fakher introduced its Crafted Batch Shisha which is going to enhance your hookah sessions with its new flavor spectrum. It is a premixed line of shisha flavors that will make your taste buds go berserk in no time. The new ‘Crafted Batch’ is a magical series of custom blends that deliver a significant amount of vivid flavors and a billowing experience. The texture is choppy, inconsistent with the same old red tint Al Fakher is famous for. The batch is packed the perfect amount of juice making them easy to pack and better to smoke. Presently, there are six flavors in this batch, each featuring some lovely concoctions of original Al Fakher flavors. Here, we have shared a quick snippet of the batch flavors.

  • Batch #4

Don’t mistake it with a double apple flavor that you have tasted earlier. There is a variety of apple and Al Fakher Batch 4 Crafted Shisha features the bold, crisp flavor of green apple with a cool and potent spearmint note. It is a rich and balanced combination of sweetness and coolness with a slight tint of fleshy red apple in the backend. Many find it to be a perfect incarnation of two apple flavors. Crash it right away.

  • Batch #5

The Crafted Batch is a complex, multi-note blend that gives you a billowing smoke session unlike anything experienced before. You need not to even taste it to tell what there is in it. The aroma of the shisha would captivate your senses right away. It is a luscious juicy mix of pineapple, orange, citrus, and a delectable note of raspberries.

  • Batch #7

For this, they have chosen one of their most popular flavor profiles – grapefruit. Another flavor that emerges out in this blend is the delicious passion fruit. Al Fakher has hit a nice balance between the sweet and sour notes of both the fruits, which feels like sweet passion fruit, but you know there is grapefruit somewhere in it. What makes it unique is that none of the flavors are overpowering, that lets the passion fruit shine through. It is an excellent standalone tobacco blend to pack your hookah bowl for your next session.

  • Batch #8

If you are expecting it to taste like a freshly brewed cup of earthy green tea with a squeeze of citrusy lemon and lime, then you will be disappointed. Because this is very unique and very delicious. Al Fakher Crafted Batch 8 features a harmonious blend of earthy green tea and lemon and lime. However, if you think it will have a zing or citrusy note, then you are mistaken. It is more like steeped green tea pairing with sweet lemon and lime, when the green tea is excessively prominent. Green tea when overly brewed adds a bitterness but Al Fakher has eliminated it by adding sweet lime, lemon, and a pinch of refreshing mint.

  • Batch #22

Gone are the days when you used to sip a glass of refreshing cocktail. These days, you get to smoke it and Al Fakher has ensured that you enjoy it fullest. Presenting you the very invigorating Batch no 22 from Al Fakher Crafted Batch with the flavors of tequila, lime, and eucalyptus.

  • Batch #86

It is a very dynamic fusion of flavors – very unique and amazing. It starts with the juicy grapes, then comes the mulberry and raspberry. It wasn’t enough when you get mulled wine evolving. There is a dash of lime that cranks it up. You think this is it when you taste the saffron. Shisha lovers, this is Al Fakher Crafted Batch number 86 for you. 

Your taste buds are going to get crazy. Hurry up, order your Al Fakher Crafted Batch to enrich your hookah sessions!


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