Top 3: Starbuzz Flavors

Top 3: Starbuzz Flavors


Starbuzz Flavors

Starbuzz has become one of the best selling shisha brands in the world. Thanks to their incredible and varied flavors, along with an amazing cloud and taste duration, Starbuzz gives Hookah a whole new meaning. From all the available flavors from various production lines, Starbuzz users will typically mention the following three on their top ten lists. There are three favorited flavors amongst the Starbuzz shisha line and they include: Starbuzz Blue Mist, Pirate's Cave, and Spiced Chai.

The Blue Mist comes with a strong blueberry flavor and just a tad hint of a mint freeze at the end. It is best for those looking to find a sweet but icy flavor. The smell and cloud are great as well like every Starbuzz flavor. The Pirate's Cave flavor is a bit of a mystery since the label does not include the exact flavor to be found. However, when opened it smells really sweet but while smoking, the sweet flavor is mellow and enjoyable. Most reviewers classify it as a lime flavored based shisha with added notes of other citrus fruits.

Pirate's Cave is perfect for people who want a tasty flavor without it being overly sweet or spicy. It is a good in-between flavor that is superbly popular and delicious. Spiced Chai is a uniquely dessert type of shisha; smells like cookies and tastes like one taken fresh from the oven. It delivers spiced notes of cinnamon, anis, and more. Many who have tried it consider it to be similar to brown sugar or a peanut butter cookie.

Spiced chai is creamy and rich but not overly sweet. If you enjoy Chai tea then this shisha is sure to be a big hit. Pirate's Cave will give more of a cloud but Spiced Chai also has a great cloud production and is from the Bold line. All packets and tins help keep the shisha fresh and packed with flavor until the very end.



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