ZAHRAH Clay Bowls Sale


This week Zahrah Hookah will be having a clay bowl sale. We would like our customers to enjoy a FREE hand made clay bowl with the purchase of any other Zahrah clay bowl. You can choose between one of our latest models the Keramos or the Antiquies or the traditional clay bowls.


                                                The Zahrah Keramos

            The Zahrah Antiquies

Why Zahrah clay bowls ?

When we brainstormed about creating hookah bowls; we wanted to ensure our customers receive the best hookah experience. Our ideal vision was to create durable, yet beautiful hookah bowls. We looked at various types of materials and components. As a result, we  decided that the "red clay" above all was the best element to create hookah bowls. Red clay provides excellent heat dissipation, which ensures a GREAT smoking session.


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