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Afzal tobacco is one of the leading shisha brands in the world. The company has been among the largest producers of hookah tobacco for many years now. It attained unprecedented popularity in the United States and the United Kingdom, among other markets in Europe, with the phenomenal Pan Raas flavor. ‘Pan’ in this case is pronounced as ‘Paan’. There are different variants and special editions of this Afzal tobacco. The Pan Raas flavor is sold as Bombay Nights in the UK. At, you can shop for Pan Raas and its variants, such as Bombay Pan Masala and Pan Apple Splash.  

History of Afzal Tobacco

Afzal tobacco was founded in 2002 in India. The brand is a part of Fazlani Group of Companies. The Fazlani companies are a part of the larger Sopariwala Group. Sopariwala is an Indian company dating back to 1927. From a modest shop in Mumbai’s Jacob Circle to one of the largest exporters of tobacco and shisha products, Sopariwala has come a long way. Today, Sopariwala is among the most prominent exporters of Afzal tobacco from India to various countries in Asia including the Gulf, continental Europe, the United Kingdom, and the Americas.

Afzal tobacco is a global market leader, which is relatively unsurprising since India is the second largest producer of tobacco in the world. Since 2002, Afzal tobacco flavors have been hailed for their authenticity, premium quality, and longevity. Most Afzal tobacco flavors outlast their competitors. The brand has maintained a fine blend of Indian flavors with ingredients sourced from various countries. As a result, there is an eclectic range of Afzal shisha tobacco flavors for users to choose from.

Afzal tobacco is produced at an industrial scale in India and exported to all major markets. The company has one of the most innovative manufacturing processes in their state of the art facilities. The sheer volume it is capable of producing and what it actually does enables the company to offer topnotch quality at an affordable price.

A Glimpse of Afzal Tobacco Flavors

There are nearly two dozen Afzal tobacco flavors, many of which have a unique profile. Some of the perennial favorites are Pan Raas (also known as Bombay Nights), 1001 Nights, Alphonso Charm (a mango flavor), Arctic Breeze (sweet mint), Deepest Blue (blueberry), Double Act (double apple), Frozen Apple, Frozen Lemon, Frozen Pineapple, Frozen Watermelon, Goa Dreams (pan apple splash), Kiwi, Paradicy (frozen grapefruit), Valenciaga (it is Valencia orange), and White Peach.

There is an Afzal tobacco sampler pack for smokers to choose as many as five different flavors. The Afzal tobacco PaanDemic is a recent special edition flavor. There is another special edition Afzal tobacco flavor called Prescription. The limited edition Afzal tobacco Rasmalai flavor is another bestseller of the brand.

Every Afzal tobacco has two distinct attributes that are somewhat incomparable in the marketplace. The company uses authentic flavors. The tobaccos are not infused with artificial or synthetic reproduction of the original extracts. This practice makes each Afzal tobacco considerably richer and the smoke fuller than what other shisha flavors can deliver.

The other noteworthy element is how long most Afzal tobaccos last. The richness and fullness of the tobacco as well as the infused flavors make the clouds of smoke consistent. The texture and flavor of the clouds remain the same through long sessions. While individual experiences may vary, a session of any Afzal tobacco of equal filling as that of another brand can last at least a few minutes longer.

Afzal Tobacco Ready2Go Flavors

Afzal tobacco is also available as Ready2Go flavors. The Ready2Go Afzal tobacco is basically a kit. The mix-your-own-shisha approach has two stages for users to make their own Afzal tobacco at home or anywhere. The kit includes the already-conditioned and flavored Afzal tobacco. There is a shisha enhancer liquid that has to be mixed with the tobacco.

Users need to add the liquid, which is premeasured, to their chosen Afzal tobacco flavor in a pouch. The ingredients must be mixed well and the pouch should be resealed. Users can keep the pouch aside for forty eight hours or longer. Letting the materials sit in the pouch after thorough mixing and perfect resealing for a longer period is even better. The company suggests an optimum time of two weeks at room temperature.

This alternative approach empowers shisha enthusiasts to mix pre-flavored Afzal tobacco before the addition of molasses, or enhancer liquids. Such an innovation from Afzal tobacco doesn’t come as a surprise given its country of origin. The second largest producer of tobacco, India is not among the top hundred nations as per its smoking rate. The second most populous country in the world is currently ranked at 114. However, given the population of almost 1.4 billion and the 11.5% smoking rate, the number of people who smoke in India is around 150 million, and it far outnumbers the count of Kiribati that has the highest smoking rate in the world with 52.40%, which would be around fifty thousand people.

Add to these statistics the fact that Indians also consume tobacco in other forms. Chewing tobacco, edible tobacco, and many other forms are widely popular throughout the subcontinent. Fittingly then, Afzal tobacco has a Ready2Go and other innovative approaches for its consumers everywhere.

Shop for Afzal Tobacco at Zahrah

At, you can shop for 250 grams and 1000 grams of Afzal tobacco. You can bag a can of the phenomenal Pan Raas, or choose a sampler pack of five Afzal tobacco flavors. You can mix and match different Afzal hookah tobacco flavors in combinations of five and seven. Such combinations enable you to secure a handsome discount.

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