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Afzal Tobacco – One of World’s Largest Tobacco Producers

Afzal tobacco is one of the world’s largest tobacco producers and leading shisha brands that has been a benchmark of trust and quality for hookah connoisseurs. This tobacco brand has been a go-to brand for many hookah lounges and individuals alike worldwide. Afzal tobacco is a fine blend of Indian tobacco leaves, molasses, and natural flavors from around the world that is renowned for its consistency, smoothness, and flavor. This brand of shisha has over 40 hookah flavors that are categorized into five flavors such as spicy, fruit, cool, sweet, and beverage. This flavored tobacco when smoked from a hookah pipe conjures a magical smoking experience with the perfect blend of flavor and smoothness.

History of Afzal Tobacco

Afzal tobacco was founded in India in the year 2002 and is a subsidiary of Fazlani Group of Companies that are a part of the Sopariwala Group. Sopariwala Group is an Indian-origin company dating back to 1927. The company has come a long way from a humble beginning as a shop in Mumbai’s Jacob Circle to becoming the largest exporter of tobacco and shisha products. Today, the company is a prominent exporter of Afzal tobacco that exports this tobacco from India to various countries including the U.S, UK, and continental Europe.  

USP of Afzal Tobacco

Afzal tobacco is a global market leader, which is relatively unsurprising since India is the second-largest producer of tobacco in the world. Since 2002, Afzal tobacco flavors have been hailed for their authenticity, premium quality, and longevity. This tobacco is produced at an industrial scale in India and is exported to all major markets. With its most innovative manufacturing process and state-of-the-art facilities, the company is capable of producing a sheer volume of tobacco that allows them to offer top-notch quality at an affordable price. Made from fine quality ingredients, Afzal has maintained its Indian tobacco flavors and has outlasted its competitors.  

An Expansive Line of Afzal Tobacco Flavors

We, at Zahrah, offer the most interesting and aromatic Afzal tobacco available in more than nearly two dozen flavors. These flavors will not just appeal to your senses but will also provide a smoother and highly enjoyable experience. The most popular flavor of Afzal is the Pan Raas, also known as Bombay Nights. Some of the other favorite flavors are 1001 Nights, Alphonso Charm (a mango flavor), Arctic Breeze (sweet mint), Deepest Blue (blueberry), Double Act (double apple), Frozen Apple, Frozen Lemon, Frozen Pineapple, Frozen Watermelon, Goa Dreams (pan apple splash), Kiwi, Paradicy (frozen grapefruit), Valenciaga (it is Valencia orange), and White Peach. There is also a sampler pack of this brand and smokers can choose from as many as five different flovors. The company has also come out with recent special edition flavors called PaanDemic and Prescription. Rasmalai flavor is another limited edition that is a bestseller of the brand.

Afzal Tobacco – A Personal Favorite of Every Hookah Smoker

Every tobacco product of this brand has authentic flavors and distinct attributes making it incomparable in the market. The tobaccos are not infused with artificial or synthetic reproduction of the original extracts, thereby making the tobacco richer and the smoke fuller compared to other shisha flavors. Afzal Hookah Tobaccos are strong, long-lasting, and amazingly smooth that allows smokers to blow thick clouds and enjoy a world-class hookah smoking experience. The richness and fullness of the tobacco as well as the infused flavors make the clouds of smoke consistent. The texture and flavor of the clouds remain the same through long sessions. While individual experiences may vary, a session of any Afzal tobacco of equal filling as that of another brand can last at least a few minutes longer.

Afzal Tobacco Ready2Go Flavors

Afzal tobacco is also available as Ready2Go flavor that is basically a kit. The mix-your-own-shisha kit requires users to make their own tobacco at home or anywhere. The kit includes the already-conditioned and flavored Afzal tobacco, shisha enhancer liquid that needs to be mixed with the tobacco. Users need to add the premeasured amount of liquid to their choice of tobacco flavor in a pouch. The ingredients should be well mixed and the pouch should be sealed that can be kept aside for forty-eight hours or longer. After thorough mixing and resealing, the pouch can even be stored for a longer period. However, an optimum time of two weeks is suggested by the company if stored at room temperature. This Ready2Go flavor allows enthusiasts to mix pre-flavored tobacco before the addition of molasses, or enhancer liquids. The Ready2Go flavor is an innovation of an Indian tobacco company that doesn’t come as surprise.

Smoking Statistics

India despite being the second-largest producer of tobacco is not among the top hundred nations according to its smoking percentage. Given the population of almost 1.4 billion and a smoking percentage of 11.5%, India is currently ranked at 114. The number of people who smoke in India is around 150 million and it outnumbers the Kiribati count that has the highest smoking rate in the world with 52.40% that is around fifty thousand people. The fact that needs to be added to these statistics is that Indians consume tobacco in other forms also like chewing tobacco, edible tobacco, and many other forms that are popular throughout the subcontinent.

Shop for your Favorite Afzal Tobacco at Zahrah   

Hookah connoisseurs can visit Zahrah to explore the complete range of Afzal tobacco flavors available in 250 grams and 1000 grams. No matter, whether you want to try out some new hookah flavors or stock up some of your favorite Afzal tobacco flavors, we have you covered. Right from Pan Raas to Alphonso Charm and from Deepest Blue to Goa Dreams you will be spoilt for choices of tobacco flavors at Zahrah. You can shop intelligently in a combination of five and seven tobacco flavors to secure a handsome discount. On buying products worth over $135, you will be entitled to free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. For any assistance, while shopping for Afzal tobacco you can either chat with us live or call us on 866-952-3331 or email at You can even sign up for our mobile updates to receive exclusive deals and discount codes.



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