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Glass hookahs have become the modern standard of smoking hookah with elegance and style. A major benefit of smoking from glass hookahs is that you can clearly (literally) see how clean or dirty the hookah is. Besides that, glass hookahs do not retain residue smoke or smell of the previous flavors as much as hookahs that use other materials. Glass hookahs are becoming popular for personal use as well as hookah lounges and at parties. If you're ready to handle that fragile nature of these hookahs, they are a great investment. You will get a clean and smooth smoke and be able to taste the flavor much better. Selecting the right glass hookah can be a challenge, so be sure to get in touch with us and we will recommend you a few that may fit your needs and preferences. As always, we provide lots of reviews, pictures, galleries, and videos so you can research yourself and make a sound decision when purchasing a hookah hookah.



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