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Starbuzz was started in 2005 in Southern California with the vision of bringing hookah shisha mixes to the world with popular mixes like Blue Mist and Pirates Cave. With over a decade of experience under its belt, Starbuzz has become a brand much larger than what it was originally. Today Starbuzz makes products ranging from hookah stems, charcoal, accessories and much more. Starbuzz is easily one of the biggest brands in the industry with its distribution reaching far into continents all across the world. With regular new product releases such as Starbuzz Vintage, they tend to keep their loyal fans at the edge of the seat with something new and exciting to come at every corner.


Starbuzz is notoriously famous in the hookah world due to the variety of lines that are produced for every type of smoker out there. The company has been in business since 2005 and have added to their collection the following lines that are available online on Zahrah: Bold, Vintage, and Serpent. Each has its own special characteristics, but we guarantee that all are delicious, smooth and deliver that famous buzz. Starbuzz is one of the few companies that offer a wide range of sizes, we carry 100, 200, 250 grams and the 1-kilogram sizes depending on the specific line you wish to buy.  Zahrah provides you with Starbuzz’s most popular and best-selling flavors at an affordable price and with speedy delivery. With plenty of uniquely flavored and named tastes, such as Blug Mistand Double Apple, every consumer will enjoy going through all the available flavors from each of their popular lines. 

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