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What we know as hookah and shisha originated in the Middle East or the Arab world. It spread through much of Eurasia and Africa. While historians can debate if the traditional hookah was perfected in Persia or Egypt, we are content with the plethora of options available. has a fascinatingly exclusive range of classic hookahs for one and all. There are traditional hookahs at budget prices. Then there are exquisite classic hookahs that can easily qualify to be regarded as collectibles.

Shop for Elegant Traditional Hookahs

Not much has changed in the form, structure or design of the traditional hookah. There have been cosmetic changes reflecting the influences of various regions and cultures of the world. The Persian traditional hookah underwent Egyptian influence, then the Syrians and the Turks introduced their ornamentations, the Belarusians modified using their own aesthetics, and eventually, the Germans and the Americans incorporated modern functions.

Traditional hookahs are known for their aesthetics. They are as beautiful to behold as they are sturdy to last a really long time. Some traditional hookahs are so regal and made of such fine materials that they become heirlooms. A traditional hookah is certainly a worthwhile investment. The handcrafted Egyptian traditional hookahs are a favorite among all shisha enthusiasts. If you don’t have one, Zahrah USA is a fitting place to start shopping for classic hookahs.

Buy Classic Hookahs with Modern Features

Traditional hookahs are amazing. However, they are also a little complicated to manage. Heavy materials, alignment issues due to handcrafting, the time consuming cleaning routine, and other issues make the experience somewhat demanding. This is why renowned manufacturers have rolled out classic hookahs with modern features. has a diverse collection of traditional hookahs that are just as easy to clean, maintain, and use as other modern shishas. Our classic hookahs are as elegant as traditional designs. There is impeccable attention to detail. You can opt for elaborate ornamentation. At the same time, the classic hookahs have state of the art features. For instance, the grommets offer a nifty fit for connecting parts. The purge valve does not get stuck. The diffuser is effective. Compatible materials are used for interiors and exteriors so cleaning or handling a traditional hookah does not become a challenge.

How to Choose the Best Traditional Hookah

As is the case with any other type of shisha, not all traditional hookahs are meant for everyone. The size, materials, number of hose ports, volume of the base, type of bowl, height of the stem, and several such features should be chosen based on your needs. Since you can find all types of classic hookahs at our online store, you may search for specific features and filter the results to choose a model that suits your needs.

Zahrah USA has an expanding collection of classic hookahs for sale. Our inventory includes old and new traditional hookahs, collectible variants and budget friendly options, and shishas across sizes, collectively offering a plethora of features to choose from.

Zahrahusa Hookah got an exclusive range of classic hookahs who love to smoke their favorite shisha in a traditional style. Talking about original, timeless designs and powerful performance, the Egyptians have mastered them all in history. Since then, very little has altered in the notion of the exemplary manner of hookah smoking.

The entire range of classic hookahs available at features traditional hookah designs. When you smoke a classic hookah, you are likely to feel the way how a hookah should feel. However, the original conventional hookahs have been much difficult to own as they require constant maintenance. All the classic hookahs at offer you all the features that you like and love in the traditional hookahs along with the modern-day functionality and safety upgrades making them easier to own and smoke.

Get ready to pack your favorite shisha flavor into the bowl and heat some coals to enjoy smoking your classic hookah as it initially used to be.

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Tradional Hookah

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