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Shop for Strikingly Fresh Fumari Shisha at Zahrahusa

Fumari is a San Diego, California-based premium shisha brand that has been around since 1997. The company offers excellent quality shisha that is made by mixing the finest hand-sourced, flue-cured tobacco with the best quality ingredients. The new flavors of the Fumari shisha are produced in small batches in limited quantities to maintain the freshness of the tobacco. Since its inception, the company every year releases new flavors that are great in taste. Now for over two decades, the company has been synonymous with premium quality hookah tobacco. Thus, all the connoisseurs of Fumari shisha can shop for strikingly fresh shisha at  

About Fumari Shisha

Fumari shisha started as the first-ever hookah lounge in San Diego city that is not even five miles from the heart of downtown. This shisha has a medium choppy cut with little to no stems. No additive dyes are used in the making of this product and hence it is natural golden brown. It is a vegan-friendly shisha product having no animal-based glycerin or animal testing of any sort. Fumari is highly juicy tobacco and because of the high glycerin content, this shisha gives the best results when you use an extra-fluff pack in a phunnel bowl. The extra-fluff packaging method ensures that you get dragon clouds and if you use an HMD then the flavor profile will boosts. You should redistribute the juices by mixing the shisha before sprinkling it in producing a fluff pack. 

Fumari – America’s Premium Hookah Shisha

Fumari shisha is made using the finest quality ingredients ranging from premium tobacco leaves to the exotic flavors mixed in, sourced completely from around the country. A blend of flue-cured Virginia tobacco combines a bit of stem for an effortless, effective, and even burn in the hookah bowl. The small and consistently cut tobacco ensures a better pack in your bowl and evenly heats from beginning to end. The shisha is replenished in small, limited batches daily and packed in flavor-lock pouches to keep the air out and maintain the fresh flavor of the shisha. The shisha is packed in convenient and resealable pouches for easy and safe storage and to ensure that freshness is preserved for a longer duration. The shisha remains fresh for as many as ninety days, and every shisha flavor pack comes with the company’s guarantee of freshness.

Eclectic Fumari Shisha Flavors at

We, at Zahrah, offer a variety of Fumari shisha flavors that have become everyone's favorite and are quite addicting. From Spiced Chai to White Gummy Bear, rest assured that once you try any of the Fumari flavors, you are highly likely to want more. All the Fumari shisha flavors are expertly crafted in small batches using premium ingredients and packed in flavor-lock pouches. Some of the popular Fumari shisha flavors available at our store include Aloha Mango, Ambrosia, Banana Custard, Blueberry Muffin, Caribbean Colada, Citrus Mint, Citrus Tea, Double Apple, French Vanilla, Guava, Island Papaya, Lemon Loaf, Lemon Mint, Mint, Mandarin Zest, Mojito Mojo, Nectarine, Orange Cream, Purple Grape, Prickly Pear, Sour Cherry, Spiced Chai, Strawberry Jam, Watermelon, Tangelo, etc. With each puff, you will find shisha flavors long-lasting and true-to-taste, delivering you an authentic smoking experience.

Explore Mix Series of Fumari Shisha at

Shisha lovers shopping at our store will get to explore even the mix series of Fumari tobacco, such as Baker’s Special, Cherilla Mocha, Citrus Nights, Holiday Harvest, October Cream, Ohana, Shangri-Love, Sour Papaya's Breakfast, Spiced Punch, Spring Mix, Summer Kiss, Weekend Sunset, and WGBreezy. We stock Fumari shisha variety for everyone and right from beginners, enthusiasts, to connoisseurs, all can shop for popular and the lesser known Fumari shisha flavors. We keep updating our inventory to include every latest shisha flavor.

Fumari Shisha – A Brand of its Own League

Many hookah shisha makers are present in the United States and several European and Asian companies also ship their products in the country. Despite the presence of several companies around, Fumari has managed to hold its ground and proudly offers an ultra-premium range of shisha flavors. Fumari shisha is a brand of its own league that is catering to the smoking requirement of the people of this country as well as the people of more than 25 nations. Smoking enthusiasts with diverse preferences of flavors are treated to the fascinating shisha flavors at the lounge. Some of the popular flavors like Lemon Mint, White Gummy Bear, Ambrosia, and Spiced Chai have today earned the tag of global bestsellers. 

USP of Fumari Shisha

Every Fumari shisha is the in-house creation of the company and the company headquarter in San Diego maintains every team, from research and development, testers, blenders, sales, to shipping and others. The company's commitment to perfection is evident in the size, texture, flavors, and freshness of the Fumari shisha. Fumari shisha lasts longer than others without any dip in the volume and experiential quality of the smoke during the smoking session because of the consistent size of the strips, freshness, and flavors. Every flavor of the Fumari shisha is prepared through two steps of aging. This ensures that finely cut and cured tobacco leaves and stems absorb maximum flavors from the ingredients and also impart the freshness for which the brand is famous. Fumari always prioritizes quality over quantity and with its steady manufacturing process, due to which the company is unable to produce a massive amount of tobacco every day. This also ensures that Fumari shisha is simply the best.

Shop for Fumari Shisha at

We at offer Fumari shisha in 100 grams and 1 kg packs that are strikingly fresh in flavor-lock pouches. You are free to place an order of only one can of either of the sizes and can also order a combination of five or seven cans. In the case of five or seven packs, you are free to choose different or the same Fumari shisha flavors. Significant savings await shisha enthusiasts on purchases of five or seven cans of Fumari tobacco at We also provide real-time discounts codes that you can avail of on mobile and also receive exclusive updates about the discount codes. Discount offers on wholesale deals on Fumari shisha are also offered to resellers and lounges. All online orders worth more than $135 are shipped for free to anywhere within the country.



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