CocoNara Hookah Coals (Wholesale)

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Coco Nara brings you 100% organic hookah charcoals that are prepared from compacted coconut shells. These are eco-friendly, odorless, clean tasting flat coconut coals that can burn three times longer than any natural fuel. It is not self-igniting coal, thus contains no chemical accelerant like Sulphur. It would take 5 to 8 minutes on an elective burner or stovetop to burn up and get glowing red, which is then ready for your hookah. Unlike other natural coals, it leaves less than 5% ash. For many hookah aficionados, Coco Nara flat charcoals are their number one choice for hookah charcoals. åÊ

  • No plant is cut down while making this product.åÊ
  • Odorless, tasteless, 100% natural and economical.åÊ
  • One box contains 20 flat Coco Nara charcoals.åÊ
  • Shouldn't be burned using any petrol-derived product; it can spoil the smell of the coal.åÊ
  • One box can last for 7 to 10 bowls depending on the usage.åÊ