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Charcoal burners are a very convenient way to light up your charcoal. Whether they're instant lights, or natural coconut coals, we carry burners of different types to burn any coal. We carry only high-grade burners that work fast and efficient and will last you a long time depending on how heavy you use them. These burners are made for personal use but are powerful enough to be used at parties or hookah lounges for continuous use. If you need selecting the right burner for your needs, please contact us. As always, we provide lots of reviews, pictures, galleries, and videos so you can research yourself and make a sound decision when purchasing a hookah charcoal burner.

A hookah charcoal burner is an essential accessory for most shisha enthusiasts. Instant or quick-light charcoal does not require special burners. Natural or coconut shell based charcoal needs a heat source more reliable than an ordinary cigarette lighter. The most fitting option is a premium quality hookah charcoal burner.

What is a Hookah Charcoal Burner?

A hookah charcoal burner is an electric heating device. It comes in distinct forms, albeit the basic design remains similar in several styles. The primary purpose of a hookah charcoal burner is to provide a sufficient quantum of heat over a sustained period so the natural pieces made from grounded coconut shell get lighted thoroughly. Most hookah charcoal burners are powered by electricity. There are some models that run on gas. Given the convenience of plugging an electric burner into a nearby outlet within a room or somewhere in the house, gas powered options are not exactly pragmatic.

Significance of a Hookah Charcoal Burner

Instant or quick-light charcoal can be ignited using a standard lighter carried by smokers. Quick-light charcoal can also be quickly lit using a standard stove or some other temporary source of heat. An ordinary cigarette lighter can ignite quick-light charcoal in around a minute or so. Larger pieces may take longer, but they are still manageable.

Natural charcoal made from grounded coconut shells cannot be ignited using a normal lighter. Organic charcoal needs sustained heat of a certain degree, which is beyond ordinary lighters. It is also physically improbable to hold a typical lighter and keep it on for several minutes. Coconut shell charcoal does not have the chemical accelerant that makes instant or quick-light variants to get lit swiftly when exposed to moderate flame. Hence, a hookah charcoal burner or a special heating apparatus becomes mandatory if you are using natural or coconut shell based variants.

Benefits of a Hookah Charcoal Burner

Shisha users, whether beginners or connoisseurs, may consider the need to invest in a hookah charcoal burner an additional financial obligation. Fortunately, most such burners are reasonably priced. You can get a durable hookah charcoal burner at a price that is barely the cost of two hundred grams packs of your favorite shisha tobacco. The benefits and longevity of a hookah charcoal burner more than justify the nominal investment at the outset.

  1.       Hookah Charcoal Burner is Practical

It is not practical to hold a cigarette lighter for five minutes to ignite a piece of natural charcoal. Moreover, there is no guarantee that an ordinary lighter will be able to properly ignite a coconut shell charcoal piece in five minutes. A hookah charcoal burner is thus a practical option. You can turn on the burner, place the pieces of charcoal, and let the device do its job. You do not have to intervene at all till it is time to fetch the thoroughly lit pieces of charcoal for your hookah session.

  1.       Hookah Charcoal Burner is Effective

A hookah charcoal burner is effective. It generates sufficient heat to fully light natural charcoal pieces. Even the instant or quick-light charcoal does not always get adequately lit when you use an ordinary lighter. Many people have to repeat the ignition process for quick-light charcoal when they notice the pieces are not hot enough. You do not have to indulge in such guesswork while using a hookah charcoal burner. Let the device work for a few minutes and you will notice your natural charcoal pieces turn bright orange or red. The pieces are unmistakably burning hot and ready for your hookah session.

  1.       Hookah Charcoal Burner is Safe

Ordinary lighters get hot as you keep them on for a while. They are also unsafe as you have to hold the pieces of charcoal, typically using a pair of tongs. You may drop the charcoal piece accidentally. It may slip through the grip of the tongs. You may burn your fingers or hand due to the rapidly heating cigarette lighter. None of these risks exists when you use a hookah charcoal burner. Some burners also come with charcoal trays for safe handling of the pieces after they are thoroughly lit and burning.  

  1.       Hookah Charcoal Burner is Convenient

Instant or quick-light charcoal has to be lit one at a time using a typical lighter. A standard hookah charcoal burner can work on multiple pieces at the same time. Irrespective of the specific design of a hookah charcoal burner, the surface area is likely to be large enough for you to ignite at least three to four pieces of standard sized natural or coconut shell charcoal. Hence, a hookah charcoal burner is effortlessly convenient. You do not have to ignite every piece individually, one at a time, and spend half an hour or longer for all the pieces to get started with your session.

Shop for Hookah Charcoal Burner at Zahrah

Zahrah brings to you an expanding inventory of hookah charcoal burners. You may consider cup shape burners or coiled griddles from Zahrah. You may check out a large single coil design from Fumari. Zahrah hookah charcoal burners come in practical designs and different colors. The Zahrah Charcoal Burner Cup Shape is an electric apparatus with adjustable air ventilation window and removable stainless steel charcoal tray. The 110V hookah charcoal burner offers unparalleled safety. This design is available in four colors: solid teal, orange, purple, and blue.

The other Zahrah Hookah Charcoal Burner is also an electric heating device using a coil. It has a 39” power cord. The burner is portable given its 23.5cm x 23.5cm x 7cm size. It runs on 1500w at 110V. There is a power indicator light and a temperature control knob. Featuring a coiled griddle design, the burner is available in four colors: black, blue, yellow, and purple.

The Fumari Hookah Charcoal Burner has a single electricity-powered coil. The heating element has sufficient surface area for multiple charcoal pieces. The burner has carrying handles, a temperature control knob, a power indicator light, and a 24” power cord. It runs on 1100w at 120v.



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