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There are hundreds of hookah hose styles to select from but which on is right for you? Below we have a variety of hoses that you will find are the most popular in the industry. From disposable plastic hoses to soft wrapped Egyptian hoses to sturdy aluminum hoses, we have you covered. Picking the right fit for yourself is important as you wouldn't want to be losing out on a great smoking session just because the hose doesn't match your style. Ideally, you should be looking for a hose that will last you a long time, is comfortable to hold for long periods of time, and is easy to clean.


Zahrah is your one-stop hookah store where you can find everything that you require to improve your Hookah setup. Apart from premium hookah sets and hookah accessories like hookah tobacco, charcoals, bowls, we also have an extensive collection of top-quality Hookah Hose Pipes. Hookah Hose is a hookah accessory that is designed to enhance the overall smoke experience. It is a long pipe through which the smoke passes. It comes in various lengths, colors, styles, and price ranges. With hundreds of hookah hose styles available in the market, it may be tricky to select one. Now, you don’t have to toggle between different hookah hose stores in search of a quality piece. We got the best collection of various hookah hose styles to meet your diverse hookah hose requirements.

Why Do You Need a New Hookah Hose?

Traditionally, hookah hoses were made of leather which looks timeless and wonderful, but they are hard to maintain and clean. Tobacco flavor ghosting is one big issue with such a non-washable hookah hose. It happens when the shisha flavors of previous sessions linger inside the hookah hose. Since they cannot be washed, these lingering shisha flavors start ghosting the next smoke sessions and spoil the overall smoke experiences.

With the recent modernization, we have a variety of hookah hose options available now. These options appear to be more durable, long-lasting, easy to clean, which are great if you want to create a custom hookah setup or keep things sterile and hygienic. Whatever be your reason, you will find numerous high-quality hookah hose alternatives on Zahrah to appease you. 

Different Styles of Hookah Hoses

Over time, there have been significant improvements in hookah hoses along with hookah smoking. Each of the Hose variants has a certain charm and boons. To make it simpler for you Zahrah offers you a quick glimpse of all the renowned Hose styles and their features.

Traditional Hookah Hose

Made of synthetic or real leather, they generally come with a long handle. Some traditional hookah hoses also have little fur rings on the ends of the hose handle. It has a classic look that can entice any extreme Hookah lover. Also, they may have internal coils that prevent the hose from twisting and cardboard lining make it hard to wash. Water is not good for leather and even the springs also tend to rust. Hence experiencing shisha flavor ghosting is too common with a traditional hose. 

You can try hanging the hose with the end pointing downwards until it completely dries. Once dried, tap the hose end on the ground to get rid of the particles.

Washable Hookah Hose

Similar to the traditional ones, washable hookah hoses are also made of leather, but they mostly have a plastic liner or spring inside. They can be washed but can get damaged after many washes. 

Disposable Hookah Hose

They are best for use in big parties, hookah lounges as they offer utmost hygiene. These are high-grade plastic hookah hoses that come with a low price point that will fit any budget. You can have multiple color options.

Premium-Grade Silicone Hookah Hose

Nothing can beat a silicone hookah hose if you are looking for a washable hose. They are available in multiple color and style options. Some got aluminum handles, while some had thread work on them. With these hoses, you can now say goodbye to flavor ghosting. The smoke particles cannot easily stick inside the silicone hoses. Hence, you can easily smoke different shisha flavors without actually changing the hose. You can easily clean them using warm water and lemon juice.

Shop Premium Hookah Hose at Zahrah

At Zahrah, we have an exclusive range of premium hookah hoses including Disposable Hoses, Washable Lounge Hookah Hoses, Leather Hoses, Aluminum Hose, Hoses with Glass Tip, Glass Hose, Silicone washable hose, and many more. We got the best hookah hose collection from the popular hookah companies in the market which includes names like Starbuzz, HookahJohn, Zahrah, AOT, and more. Now, you can easily pick different products and compare them side by side and choose what is best for you with utmost convenience. Waste no time, look into our hookah hose section to find the perfect hose for your set up.

We have a gigantic product line available to you at the lowest possible price. To ensure you have a good time shopping at Zahrah, we got a dedicated team of professionals for your assistance. We have a dense transportation network facilitating quick delivery of your order across the nation. As you continue shopping with us, you can enjoy some exclusive offers and deals that we have drafted for our elite loyal customers. 

Exclusive Wholesale Hookah Hose Deals for You

Whether you are an avid hookah smoker or a hookah lounge owner, you can get the best wholesale hookah hose deals here at Zahrah. If you have a bulk requirement, look no further. You are at the right place. Just log into your wholesale Zahrah account to check out our best wholesale hose price. Not only hookah hose, but we also have a huge collection of hookah sets, bowls, hookah tobacco, charcoal, and other products from leading hookah brands in the industry available in one place. At Zahrah, we are committed to providing you an excellent time smoking shisha and shopping for it. Not to forget, whenever you order worth $135 or more, we will deliver your shipment at your doorstep anywhere in the country for free.  

Zahrah USA is your ultimate one-stop shopping destination for all your hookah requirements. Whether you need hookah for sale or a replacement hookah hose or an Egyptian clay hookah bowl, you will find it right here. Buy only authentic hookah products at the best price along with countrywide shipping only on 

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