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Multi Color Jumbo Hookah Mouth Tips (Male)

Multi Color Hookah Mouth Tips (Male)

Multi Color Hookah Mouth Tips (Male)

Lolli-Tip Candy Hookah Mouth Tips (All 12 Flavors)

Zahrah Mouth Tips

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Zahrah Mouth Tips

Multi Color Vacuum Hookah Mouth Tips (Male)

Mouth tips and mouth pieces are essential for personal hygiene as well as for sharing the hookah hose with multiple people. Of course, the best thing to do would be to wash or lightly clean the hookah hose (if they're washable) after every use and not worry about a mouth-tip.


Zahrah is a renowned online hookah store, where we are offering you an exclusive range of disposable hookah mouth tips so you can experience safe hookah smoking. Whether you are smoking in a hookah lounge or a group with your friends, it is always better to maintain complete hygiene. One can never be careful enough, especially when smoking hookah in a lavish hookah party in the season of colds and flu. If there are new hookah smokers, they may not be aware of the infectious diseases that can spread around if proper sanitary measures are not taken. Though washing the hose seems to be best, it is not feasible when you are smoking in a group or when you are using a non-washable hose. Hookah Mouth Tips come very handily in this situation, so you share your hookah with your fellow friends and other shisha lovers without any worries. We got a whole collection of different types of Hookah Mouth Tips from renowned brands at the best market price.

Different Types of Hookah Mouth Tips

Whether you are enjoying a flavorsome smoke session in some Hookah Café or smoking at home with your friends, having separate Hookah Mouth Tips for everyone will prevent the spread of unwanted germs and maintain utmost sanitary during the session. At Zahrah, we have got different variants of disposable hookah mouthpieces to fit diverse styles of hookah hoses. For instance,

Narrow Hookah Mouth Tips

They are the most common tip of plastic hookah mouth tip we see around. These tips can be easily implanted into the ending of the hookah hose.

Wide Hookah Mouth Tips

In this kind of mouthpiece, one part is wider while the other end is round and can be inserted into the hose end.

Fan Hookah Mouth Tips Narrow

One end of the mouth tip is tapered and wide and comfortably fits between your lips. Another end is round and easily fits into the hose end.

Dual-Sided Mouth Tips

It is an enhanced version of the regular narrow hookah mouth tips with a bigger opening at the end. It lets the smoke pass effortlessly. Having a wide opening these mouth tips can go with several kinds of hoses.

Narrow, Extra Long Mouth Tips

Pretty similar to the regular narrow hookah mouth tips, but they are long. This particular style is very popular in the Hookah Cafes and Lounges.

Hookah Mouth Tips and Hookah Hose: Make Sure They Are Compatible

Not being able to understand which hookah mouthpiece works best with your hookah hose can be very frustrating. At Zahrah, we want to eliminate all your concerns and frustrations. Hence, we got you some pro tips to help you choose the best hookah mouth tips for yourself.

  1. Hookah Mouth Tips like the Dual Side, Extra Long, Wide ones go very well with the Large Traditional Egyptian Style Hookah Hoses.
  2. Medium-sized, dual-sided, jumbo hookah mouthpieces are a good fit for silicone hookah hoses.
  3. Hookah Hoses with Metal Tips seem compatible with mouthpieces with female opening, dual side mouth tips, Inside Fitting Mouth Tips, and others.
  4. With disposable hookah hoses, dual-sided hookah mouth tips go best.

Adhering to these guidelines would help you to pick the right hookah mouth tip for your hookah hose.

Shop Hookah Hose Mouth Tips at Zahrah

There are plenty of hookah stores in the market, so you may wonder why you should shop at Zahrah. We are one of the most popular online Hookah stores in the country, featuring an extensive product line. Apart from offering you high-quality products at a reasonable price, we wish to make it a joyous and comfortable experience shopping at our store. We have a dedicated team of highly trained professionals available around the clock to assist you. Whenever you have a problem while shopping at our online shop, our team will be there to guide you. To ensure that you get your orders shipped fast and safely, we have developed a well-knitted transportation network across the nation. For our loyal customers, we have designed some special offers running frequently. You can check any hookah store, no one can offer you such top-notch hookah products at the price we do. Lastly, when your order value is $135 or more, we get your shipment delivered to your address for free.

We got an amazing collection of great hookah mouthpieces for you like Multicolored Jumbo Male Mouth Tips, regular Male Hookah Mouthpieces. If you are a fan of something quirky, then you will surely love our Lolli-Tip Candy Hookah Mouth Tips. Also, we got Vacuum Hookah Tips available. Browse our entire Hookah Mouth Tip collection right here.

Exclusive Wholesale Deals for You

If you are a hookah café or lounge owner with a bulk requirement, then you have come to the right place because Zahrah also accepts bulk orders. We are going to offer you the best wholesale deals that none in the industry could match. So forget toggling between different stores in search of a great wholesale quote and sign up for a wholesale account on Zahrah. Log into your wholesale Zahrah account, add the hookah mouth tips you like to your shopping cart. As you do it, we will get the best wholesale deals applicable to your order. Whether you need bulk hookah shisha, hookah hose, hookah charcoal, or something else in bulk, we are there to cater to all your hookah requirements. Without any more delay, quickly start exploring our complete hookah product line to order your favorite pieces.

Zahrah believes in offering you a lifetime experience smoking your favorite shisha. With numerous brands flooding the market, it often gets confusing. Hence, Zahrah brings you a comprehensive assortment of top-notch hookah products from renowned hookah companies at an exclusive price along with premium services and offers. Whether you need bulk disposable hookah mouth tips for yourself or your café, we got you covered. Hurry up, pick your favorite Hookah Mouthpieces on Zahrah to enjoy our exclusive Hookah Mouth Tip deals.

Hookah Mouth Tips

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