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There are two ways to shop for a hookah. You may buy a hookah set, or you could consider each and every component as a standalone purchase. In both cases, you will have to assemble the hookah at your home or wherever you intend to enjoy a session. For beginners, buying a hookah kit is a simpler exercise. Avid users and shisha connoisseurs can always pick and choose every essential part, probably from multiple brands, and then set up their very own hookah.

What is a Hookah Set?

A hookah set is an all-inclusive package. Everything you need to set up a hookah would be in the box, except the charcoals and foils, or heat management device, and lighter or burner. A hookah kit contains these essentials: the base, the stem or pipe, the bowl, the tray, the hose, the grommets, and a pair of tongs. It is common for a complete hookah set to have cleaning brushes as well. Many boxes include two types of cleaning brushes, one small or medium and one longer. The small or medium one is usually thicker and is meant for cleaning the base. The thinner & longer cleaning brush is for the stem, or pipe.

A hookah set generally contains only one of each of the required parts. So, there would be one base, one stem, one bowl, one tray, one hose, and three grommets for as many ports, or connectors, to complete the set up. However, there are different types of hookah set that offer you more than the bare bones. It is not uncommon for packages to be more inclusive, wherein you may get mouth tips, extra grommets, and other options.

Types of Hookah Kit

The classification of different types of hookah kit is done in the same way as you would categorize shisha. A hookah set can be categorized according to its size or height, materials, features such as bore diameter, volume of the base, length of the hose, and other such specifications. The design, form and function are also differentiating factors. For instance, there are Egyptian hookahs, Syrian shishas, modern designs, and a fusion of different styles, among others.

At, we bring to you a plethora of types of hookah kit. You can compare each and every hookah set that suits your needs and fits your budget. Delve deeper into comparing the essential components and not just an overall assessment of which one may be better for you. Our products are presented with all required details, including pictures and descriptions, as well as reviews. You can make an informed decision and buy the best type of hookah kit for your sessions.

Buy a Hookah Starter Kit

A hookah starter kit is basically a set of bare bones. You would get the simplest of the essential components. Beginners are usually better off with such a hookah starter kit. No required part or component is excluded from such a set, but there is nothing fancy in the design, style, form, function, or accessories. A hookah starter kit is considerably more reasonably priced. It is a pragmatic choice.

Beginners or those who have only tried a shisha on a few occasions, without exception, would take some time to be familiar with the specific differences of various types of hookah, and its many components. It takes some familiarity and firsthand use to experience the differences in quality of smoke, duration of a session, efficacy of a bowl and hose, the durability of a stem and a base, the ease of setting up a hookah and how well it can be cleaned or managed in due course of time. A hookah starter kit is thus a sensible way to conduct the many trials and errors.

Only when you are familiar with almost everything about a hookah, not just its parts but also how to make the best of it, should you explore premium shishas. There is no dearth of high-end or premium hookah set at our store. As you develop distinct preferences, you may also then shop for different components instead of opting for a hookah starter kit or a full size hookah set.

Consider a Hookah Set for Sale

Like all our shishas, tobacco products, charcoals, and accessories, we have different types of hookah set for sale. You can get substantial discounts when we have markdowns. There are routine discounts available as well, so you can specifically shop for hookah set for sale. Browse our inventory, filter the listings as per your preference, and find the most fitting hookah set for sale according to your budget.

Choose the Best Hookah Set

There is no thumb rule defining the best hookah set in the world. What works for someone may not be suitable for you. This is why all beginners and even those who are yet to become a connoisseur should opt for a hookah starter kit. That is simply the best hookah set and the investment is nominal. Consider a hookah set for sale, save money, try it out, note your preferences through the experiences, and then you can definitively and prudently shop for our premium hookahs for sale from major brands. Shisha veterans can certainly go straight for the spectacular range of premium hookah set.

Full Size vs. Small Hookah Set

A small hookah set is up to twenty two inches tall. A medium hookah set is between twenty two and twenty nine inches tall. A full size hookah set is usually thirty inches or taller. A small hookah set is ideal if you smoke alone or with one friend. If you have a group of three or more, then you will need a medium or full size hookah set. If this is your first shisha purchase, consider a mini hookah set. If you plan to socialize during your sessions, opt for a full size hookah set. We have numerous options across sizes. Shop for any type of hookah kit at Zahrah USA, save money, and enjoy expedited shipping.



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