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Hookah Trays plays a vital role in your hookah session, like any other part of your hookah. It is one piece that protests your smoke session from getting chaotic and messy. A hookah tray sits right under your hookah bowl on the hookah stem and safeguards the surroundings while you smoke your shisha. Its primary function is to prevent the ignited coals from falling onto the ground. It catches all the ashes of your hookah charcoals, preventing your floor from getting dirty. Not only that, you can use the Hookah Tray as a coal holder all through your smoke session.

Like the hookahs, hookah trays also come in various designs and shapes. Every hookah lover got an individual preference in hookah design and styles. There you need to pick a Hookah Tray that fits your hookah perfectly. Zahrahusa Hookah brings your premium grade, unique Hookah Trays, to help you keep your session mess-free. Check out our Hookah Tray collection here.



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