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Seduce your Senses with Unique and Traditional Mazaya Shisha

Mazaya shisha is a premium hookah tobacco brand of the Middle East offering an array of unique and traditional flavors. Made in Jordan using handpicked French tobacco leaves that are blended with medicinal grade glycerin, pure honey, and all-natural flavors, Mazaya was launched in 2010 to provide full flavor shisha with an abundance of smoke. Mazaya shisha quickly rose to popularity and became the preferred choice of flavored tobacco for hookah enthusiasts around the world. Made with environmentally-friendly production methods, Mazaya Shisha uses only premium quality ingredients to provide you with the best hookah smoking experience. With the stringent quality measures adopted right from the procuring of raw materials to packaging and storage of the final products, quality is always a concern for the Mazaya tobacco molasses. A brand that is a mainstay in the Middle East is also growing in popularity in the U.S. market. If you are looking to please your taste bud with an array of unique and traditional flavors then you can shop for Mazaya shisha at

About Mazaya Shisha

Mazaya is a well-established manufacturer and distributor of high-quality cigarettes in the Middle East who also started the production of tobacco molasses. Launched in 2010, Mazaya has gained huge popularity because of its premium French tobacco resources. Though Mazaya shisha flavors have European influences, but they offer the best variety of flavors in the hookah shisha industry. Hookah smokers not only differ culturally but also in terms of their taste and preferences, hence to cater to the requirements of all, Mazaya provides around 80 flavors that include consumer favorite variants. Mazaya is highly focused on the quality, consumer satisfaction, and transparency of their products so they have teamed up with specialized flavor manufacturing companies to renew their collection. Zahrah carries all the scrumptious flavors of Mazaya shisha and you can buy any one of them in their 250-gram presentation or a few of them in 1000 rams pack.

History of Mazaya Tobacco

Mazaya Hookah Tobacco is made by the famous Al Zawrae Company in Jordan, which is a leading cigarette manufacturer and distributor. The company has a wide presence in markets throughout the Middle East. Capitalizing on its success in the cigarette business, the company ventured into tobacco molasses in 2010 and named its brand Mazaya. The company makes use of the finest French tobacco leaves along with premium quality European flavoring to make the best shisha molasses possible. Mazaya over the years has forged partnerships with renowned companies of Europe to leverage upon their expertise and specializations to grow by leaps and bounds and today the brand has grown in popularity around the world. Today the Mazaya shisha is available in dozens of countries all over the world. Mazaya tobacco is of the finest quality meeting all international manufacturing and safety standards. The company that was known for the premium quality cigarettes is now also popular for its Mazaya shisha.

A Glimpse of Mazaya Flavors available at

The Mazaya offers a substantially diverse range of shisha to cater to hookah enthusiasts of every kind of palate and preference. The shisha range is an interesting mix of traditional and unconventional flavors, right from known to relatively unknown concoctions. The company not only specializes in traditional flavors that are extremely popular in the Middle East for decades but is also an expert in creating flavors that are celebrated in Europe and America for the last twenty years. Mazaya shisha has all primary flavors like Strawberry, Plum, Grape, Melon, Mixed Berries, Gum and its variants like the one with Cherry, and Mint, Bora Bora, Coffee with Cardamom, Grenadine, Green Lemon, Grape with Cream, Mango with Peach, Electric Dream, Blueberry with Cream or Orange, Citrus Mix with Mint, and Cika. Some of the other popular Mazaya shisha flavors are Banana, Berry, Cold Crush, Cool Lemon, Vanilla, Rock a Pie, Power Mix, Pomelo with Mint, Peach and its variants such as with Mint or Cream, Passion Fruit, Orange with Lemon and Mint, Mojito, Milk, Magic Fruit, Liquorice, Joia Nova, and many Iced versions of Mint, Lemon, Gum, and Blueberry. Shisha connoisseurs who feel tempted to try out any of these flavors can shop from

Shop for Mazaya Tobacco at Zahrah

We,, are an authorized wholesaler, distributor, and reseller of Mazaya shisha offering an extensive range of Mazaya shisha flavors to the individuals as well as the hookah lounges, registered businesses, and other organizations. No matter whether you are looking for a can of Mazaya shisha or looking to place bulk orders of five or seven cans, you can shop for the same or multiple flavors in the combination of five or seven cans. To buy Mazaya shisha flavors at a reasonable price, you can contact our sales team and shop for the finest quality shisha. Substantial discounts are offered on bulk orders and all orders worth over $135 at Zahrah are shipped for free to anywhere in the U.S. You can chat with us live for any query or may call us on 866-952-3331 or email Our dedicated team is available from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday through Friday. Besides, you can sign up for our mobile updates to receive exclusive deals and discount codes.



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