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Nirvana shisha tobacco is amongst the strongest hookah flavors available in the world. The company itself declares on its label that the black leaf tobacco infused with dokha is very strong. Anyone who is yet to try Nirvana shisha should take this warning quite literally, and seriously. Numerous manufacturers around the world use both blonde and dark leaves of tobacco. Nirvana uses only black leaf and the additional infusion of dokha tobacco makes its shisha flavors more potent than most.

What is Dokha?

Dokha is a type of tobacco smoked using traditional and contemporary pipes. The term ‘dokha’ is Arabic and it literally means ‘vertigo’ or ‘dizziness’. Dokha tobacco is quite popular in several countries throughout the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. The tobacco is also smoked in parts of India and Europe.

Dokha is neither your typical smoking tobacco nor the variants used in most shisha flavors. Originating in Iran, the Arabian tobacco has been cultivated widely for over five hundred years. Smokers use dokha as a standalone tobacco. It is also mixed with herbs, spices, leaves and barks of other plants. The traditional pipe used to smoke dokha is known as midwakh, also spelled as medwakh. The earlier midwakh or medwakh designs did not have any filter. Modern designs include a stem-mounted removable filter.

Dokha has more nicotine than most other types of tobacco. It is this attribute that makes the tobacco much stronger and bolder than the usual blonde and dark leaf variants. Dokha also contains more tar but it isn’t an issue in the form of a shisha flavor. The blending of dokha tobacco flakes with molasses and other extracts for shisha flavors effectively reduces the tar. However, the high nicotine content is retained. Nirvana shisha is thus only for those who are familiar with hookah tobaccos. Those who intend to experience an intense session and have a certain level of nicotine tolerance will have an amazing time with dokha infused Nirvana shisha flavors.

Note: Dokha is not marijuana, cannabis, or hashish. This type of tobacco, when dried naturally in the arid regions of the Middle East, tends to retain a greenish color. The color often influences the presumption that it is similar to other psychoactive substances. Traditional and natural dokha, unless infused with other materials, does not have any psychoactive chemical or substance.  

Nirvana Shisha Flavors are Bold and Euphoric

Dokha makes Nirvana shisha flavors bold and euphoric for hookah smokers. The tradition in the Middle East has been to mix or blend dried and ground leaves of dokha tobacco with herbs, fruits, flowers, and spices. Dried fruits and flowers add the essential flavor but the use of molasses is not widespread when dokha is smoked using a midwakh or medwakh. Nirvana shisha tobacco combines the continuing tradition with contemporary mixology.

All Nirvana shisha flavors are manufactured in the United States. The hookah flavors have a kick, a strong buzz, a definitive effect on mood, and a pronounced high. Many shisha flavors do not lead to a sense of euphoria. The flavors are mild and serve as modest relaxants. Nirvana shisha is not among those mild hookah flavors. There is a distinct feeling of lightness when you smoke most of the flavors in the Nirvana shisha arsenal, especially the Super range.

A Glimpse of Nirvana Shisha Flavors

Zahrah brings to you two phenomenally popular ranges of Nirvana shisha flavors. The Super range is a nationwide bestseller. There are nearly five dozen Super flavors. You may opt for an exotic fruit cocktail including white grape in Ants In My Head, double apple in Apple Explosion, mixed berries with mint in Berry Blast, spiced chai in Bugly Fitch, mint and creamy vanilla in Bunny Of Death, fruits and mint in Citrus O.D., blueberry and orange with lemon and mint in Cold Sweat, raspberry and blackberry combined with chocolate in Con Ecc Creates Elec, or passion fruit with icy mint in Deep Sea Dentist.

Nirvana shisha has a strong menthol mint in Drunk Cowboys, a sweet Eternal Passion Fruit, a grapefruit blend in Frank The Tank, earl grey tea inside Frog In A Blender, an energy drink in Head Rush, peppermint in Icy Bon Bon, tangerine and mango with mint in Icy Mang Tang, fruit and mint in It's About To Get Weird, cinnamon with sweet cream and honey in It's Kinda Small Gabe, lemon and citrus fruits in It's So Slimy, orange soda in My Medwakh Wants To Kill You, grape and melon with mint in Not Now I'm Naked, and mango with lemon and spearmint in Not Waving, Drowning.

All Nirvana shisha flavors in the Super range are bold and intense. Beginners should exercise restraint while loading their bowls with any of the variants. There are mildly sweet flavors in the Super collection, such as Paula's Enormous Mouth, Poultry In Motion, Primal Pineapple, Raspberried Alive, Redrum, Salty Slug, Schnozzberries, Skull Control, Smokin Dead, Spaceman Bill, Spirit + Mind = Soul, Stuffin' The Muffin', Strawbarry, Telephone Milk, The Mayan's Had Heart, Warphine, Western Uncivilization, Yasss, and WTF Alice.

The Eclipse collection of Nirvana shisha flavors includes Andromeda (mixed berry), Fornax (black grape), Draco (blueberry and honey), Elara (spearmint), Oberon (peaches and cream), Portia (melon mix), and Hydra (orange soda).

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At, you can shop for 100 gram packs of Nirvana shisha. You can bag one pack or mix and match different Nirvana shisha flavors in combinations of five and seven. Combined packs are substantially discounted. Nirvana shisha orders worth over $135 at Zahrah are shipped for free to anywhere in the US.

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