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Shop for Nirvana Shisha Tobacco at Zahrah for Better and Smoother Puffs

Nirvana shisha is the only hookah tobacco that is blended with Dokha, which is a strong Arabic tobacco high in nicotine providing heavier buzz compared to other shisha tobacco brands. Nirvana has recently reworked its shisha formula to provide for smoother puffs and better flavor. This shisha is perfect for the consumers who want to have a next-level smoking experience, as this revolutionary shisha brand is developed by highly experienced Dhoka producers having strong backgrounds in the hookah industry. The manufacturer of Nirvana shisha specifies on its label about using only black leaf tobacco that is infused with Dhoka to make this shisha more potent than most. All hookah connoisseurs looking for a big buzz in their smoke session and want to have the next level of smoking experience can shop for Nirvana shisha at

Smoke Intense Flavor Nirvana Shisha for an Out-of-this-world Hookah Experience

Nirvana shisha mixes the finest hookah flavors with the strongest Dhoka blends to provide a super buzz and intense smoking experience. Nirvana shisha is made using golden Virginia tobacco leaves, which is the base for all of their flavors that helps to retain the flavor for a longer period. This best quality tobacco leaf withstands a great amount of heat and is loved by many because of the massive smoke cloud output. Each Nirvana flavor is packed with a rewarding amount of flavors that are hard to found in other shisha brands. Anyone who has not yet tasted Nirvana shisha should seriously take the company’s warning given on its label. It is the strongest hookah flavor in the world, as Dokha has heavier levels of nicotine compared to regular shisha. Thus Nirvana shisha should only be consumed by people who have a certain level of nicotine tolerance and who intend to have an intense smoking session. Those people will have amazing smoking time with Dokha infused Nirvana shisha flavors.  

About Dhoka

Dokha is an Arabic word that means ‘vertigo’ or ‘dizziness’. It is a type of tobacco that is smoked using traditional pipes and is quite popular in Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. It is also smoked in some parts of Europe and India. This Arabian tobacco originated in Iran and has been widely cultivated for over five hundred years. It is neither smoking tobacco nor the variants that are used in shisha flavors. It is used by smokers as standalone tobacco and it can also be mixed with spices, herbs, and leaves of other plants. Dokha is smoked using a traditional pipe known as midwakh or medwakh. There is more nicotine and tar in Dokha compared to other tobacco that makes Dokha much stronger and bolder than the usual blonde and dark leaf variants. The excessive tar in Dokha gets reduced by blending it with molasses and other shisha flavor extracts but the nicotine content is retained. Natural and traditional Dokha does not have any psychoactive chemicals unless infused with other materials.  

Enjoy Bold and Euphoric Nirvana Shisha Flavors

Nirvana shisha flavors manufactured in the United States have a strong buzz and have a definitive effect on mood. The flavors of this brand have a kick and lead to a sense of euphoria that is not the case with many shisha flavors. Nirvana shisha is not a mild shisha flavor that serves as modest relaxants but smokers will have a distinct feeling of lightness while smoking most of the flavors of Nirvana shisha, especially the Super range. Nirvana shisha is bold and euphoric due to the presence of Dokha and this tobacco combines the continuing tradition with contemporary mixology. In the Middle East, Dokha tobacco leaves are dried, grounded, and blended with herbs, fruits, and flowers to add the essential flavor but molasses is not used when Dokha is smoked using a midwakh.  

A Glimpse of Nirvana Shisha Flavors

We at Zahrah provide you with two phenomenally popular ranges of Nirvana shisha flavors, the Super and Eclipse range. Available in nearly five dozen flavors, the Super Nirvana range is a nationwide bestseller. Super range flavors of Nirvana shisha are bold and intense and so beginners are advised to restraint using any of the variants of the Super range. However, in the Super collection there are some mildly sweet flavors like Paula's Enormous Mouth, Poultry In Motion, Primal Pineapple, Raspberried Alive, Redrum, Salty Slug, Schnozzberries, Skull Control, Smokin Dead, Spaceman Bill, Spirit + Mind = Soul, Stuffin' The Muffin', Strawbarry, Telephone Milk, The Mayan's Had Heart, Warphine, Western Uncivilization, Yasss, and WTF Alice.

The buzz tobacco brand in the market came up with a new formula and flavor lineup and showing the hookah market a new way to use the super buzzy Dokha tobacco. Nirvana Eclipse is another range of shisha flavors that are made using dark leaf tobacco instead of the golden blond cut from the original Nirvana. This Nirvana shisha flavor range is not recommended for beginners or smokers sensitive to high nicotine, as this range has stronger flavor profiles with better longevity. Some of the popular Nirvana Eclipse flavors include Andromeda, Apus, Aurora, Castor, Cygni, Draco, Elara, Hipparcos, Libra, Lynx, Pavo, Tucano, Pictus, Pollux, Portia, Rigel, Scorpius, Sirius, Tatania, and Vega.

Shop for your Favorite Nirvana Shisha at Zahrah

At, you can shop for one pack of Nirvana shisha or can mix and match different shisha flavors in a combination of five and seven that can be availed at a substantially discounted price. We shipped Nirvana shisha orders worth over $135 free of cost anywhere in the U.S. While shopping through our store, you can also check for the retail and wholesale deals offered on Nirvana shisha, or you can sign up for our mobile updates to receive exclusive deals and discount codes. You can chat with us live for any query you may call us on 866-952-3331 or email at Our dedicated team is available from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday through Friday.



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