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The brand Oduman hookah was created in the year 2014 when the uniquely designed hookahs were designed and produced. Though, the company is relatively new but has been creating hookahs that deserve applaud. The brand Oduman was created by the company Ugur Pres Makine Ins. which was founded in 1979. The company's recipe of success is based upon good design, quality, and functionality and with their extensive experience and adept engineers they come out with exquisitely crafted Oduman hookahs that are great on designs and high on functionality. Made in Turkey, Oduman is the flagship of the modern designs of glass hookah. We, at Zahrah, are proud to bring these exquisitely designed superior quality glass hookahs to you at a great price. 

Oduman Hookahs Exquisitely Designed for Smooth Thunder Clouds

Oduman is a well-known hookah brand in the European market that has made a grand entry in the U.S. with its stylish and modern glass hookahs. Hookah enthusiasts are sure to be impressed with the aptly designed and crafted Oduman hookahs that are made with thick glass, stainless steel parts, and washable hoses, and some hookahs even come with cool add-ons as diffusers and base stand. Oduman is highly conscious about the quality of the hookahs so the glass used to make the hookahs are an exclusive product and are hand blown, metal parts of the hookahs are made from stainless steel, and hookah hoses are made of safe food-grade silicone that is easy to clean. These hookahs go through a rigorous quality control process to ensure that only top-notch and long-lasting hookahs reach the stores. 

Noteworthy Features of Oduman Hookah

Oduman hookahs are manufactured using high-quality heavy-duty 1st class glassware and have stainless steel ports and connectors that ensure an easy and quality smoke. These hookahs have a full and open design for a smooth smoking experience and have a washable silicone hose that threads to the base to prevent any possible air leakage. The Oduman collection of hookahs is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to travel along with a hookah because these hookahs are easy to carry and make for great travel. While talking about modern premium hookah brands the name that immediately comes to mind is Oduman hookah that is crafted with unique designs. This well-crafted hookah is lauded for its exceptional material quality, hose structure, and smooth functionality. Some of the other vital features of the hookahs include:

  • Rust-free body
  • Modern design
  • Smooth draw
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Reasonably priced
  • Simple in design and high in functionality

Oduman Hookah – A Perfect Treat for Hookah Connoisseurs

At you will find a diverse range of Oduman hookah sets that differ in terms of sizes, shapes, materials, and designs and are sure to catch the attention of one and all. The futuristic and intuitive designs along with amazing features make this hookah a perfect treat for the hookah connoisseurs. These perfectly crafted hookahs are sure to bring you close to a levitating hookah experience. Oduman hookahs have delighted many shisha fans and these hookahs are worth every cent. This hookah brand is highly recommended to enthusiasts who love to have something modern, durable hookah that comes with awesome performances and no airflow issues. Shop for fabulous Oduman hookah at Zahrah at a reasonable price and enjoy a never-before smoking experience.  

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