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Overdozz Tobacco is a renowned urban tobacco brand that brings you an exotic range of luscious shisha blends. Around two years back, it rolled out in Europe with a big bang and soon expanded across the world. It is one of the very few tobacco brands that has won over the global hookah shisha smokers in no time. The entire Overdozz Tobacco assortment revolves around the exotic flavor fusions of real fruits and herbs that persisted unnoticed until now. Finally, after much waiting, Overdozz Tobacco’s whole range of outstanding flavorful blends are available in the U.S.

Exotic Overdozz Tobacco Catalog

The shisha blends are a concoction of rich flavors prepared with utmost care and passion using finely chopped Virginian Tobacco leaves. Here is a glimpse of the Overdozz Tobacco flavors.

  • Bad Habit. At times, real grapes can become immensely irresistible. Overdozz Tobacco has captured the sweet and juicy flavors of the grapes in its Bad Habit Hookah Tobacco. This is an exotic bowl of shisha that would take you on an adventure ride in no time.
  • Fresh Greens. Overdozz brings you a fun blend of rejuvenating mint that would leave you refreshed for a very long time. The manufacturer has dedicated this luscious shisha to those who hate relishing a bowl of green veggies.
  • Double Trouble. This shisha flavor features the delicate tastes of two unique apple variants, making it the most emblematic creation of Overdozz Tobacco. It is charismatic tobacco that would leave you charmed.
  • 24 Karatine.  Presenting an artistic gamut of sweet and savory flavors of cookies and banana Overdozz Tobacco. entrap yourself in a luxurious experience every time you pack your bowl with some 24 Karatine Hookah Tobacco.
  • Dopamine. Prepared with utmost precision, Overdozz Dopamine Tobacco is an intricate synthesis of rich flavors of grapes and blueberries. Overdozz Tobacco has created an intricate medley of citrus and sweet flavors of juicy grapes and tangy-tart flavors of blueberries. 
  • Judgement Day. This Judgement Day will add a soft charm to your smoke session. Overdozz Tobacco is committed to bringing you a lush blend of creamy coconut and tangy-sweet peaches. Nothing can be more relishing and indulging in a bowl of Overdozz Judgement Day.
  • Kaffeine Addict. Overdozz Tobacco has imbued precisely chopped Virginia Tobacco leaves with a stunning meld of cool mint and citrus to bring you Kaffeine Addict. This is an elite salver of rich flavors that is neither sharp tangy nor icy cool.
  • Love Bug. Overdozz Tobacco offers you a premium salver of elegant flavors of Maracuya fruit and cool mint. It is an extraordinary concoction of real fruits that will make you fall in love over and over again.
  • Go For Broke. To enrich and uplift your smoke session, Overdozz Tobacco invented the most enchanting shisha featuring lush grapes and refreshing mints. Go For Broke Hookah Tobacco is an emblematic gamut of the inherited sweet flavors of grapes and cool mint leaves.
  • Lusidream. Drift away to the luscious dreamland as you pack your next shisha bowl with some Lusidream by Overdozz Tobacco. The crisp tastes of grapes and mint make this shisha a stunning option for a luxurious hookah smoking session.
  • Heat Wave. Beat the scorching heat of summer with a vibrant bowl of Overdozz Heat Wave shisha prepared with fine Virginian Tobacco leaves. On one side there are the zesty spices like cinnamon and on the other side are the cool, minty vibes that make it a relishing pick to cool off the summer heat. Overdozz Tobacco ensures you experience something unique and exotic every time you take a drag of Heat Wave.
  • One Night Stand. Overdozz Tobacco is an urban tobacco brand offering you a pulsating blend of sweet and juicy passion fruit with a tinge of orange. This shisha is named One Night Stand that surely transforms your regular smoke session into a relishing fun session.
  • Summer Fling. When the summer heat gets unbearable, Overdozz Tobacco comes in to rescue you with the amazing Overdozz Summer Fling. Its rich flavors are of Arabian Origin that got both the tartness of blueberries and refreshingly cool mint leaves.
  • Crazy Ex. Nothing can be more exciting than a drastic blend of mango flavor infused with zests of Arabic spices. Overdozz Tobacco has raised the bar very high with the magnificent Crazy Ex Hookah Tobacco.
  • Psych Out. Overdozz Psych Out Tobacco is all about relishing the sweet, juicy flavors of everyone’s favorite Pineapple fruit juice blended with the refreshing minty vibes. Overdooz Tobacco’s juicy-cool amalgamation is meant to blow your mind in no time.
  • Zero Gravity. Let yourself relax with a nice bowl of Zero Gravity shisha that captures both the tartness of lemons and the refreshing coolness of minty beautifully. Overdozz Tobacco has indeed sourced and packed amazing fruity flavors around the world into its shisha blends.
  • Wild Night Out. Get wild with a crazy bowl of Overdozz Wild Night Out which is packed with the interesting flavors of a placating lemon cake. If you are a big fan of Lemon Cake, then this shisha is only going to make you hungry.

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You can purchase Overdozz Tobacco flavors in packs of 50 grams, 200 grams, and one kg. For testing the flavors, purchasing a 50 grams’ pack sounds most appropriate however, if you want it for regular smoke sessions try to purchase in bulk quantity. We, at Zahrah Tobacco, are offering you an exclusive bundle offer where you can pick five or seven of your favorite Overdozz Tobacco of the same quantity for a discounted price. You can either go for a single flavor or mix and match different blends of your choice.

Zahrah Tobacco wants you to have a memorable experience shopping with us. To ensure that we got the best team to assist you, an extensive catalog, exciting bundle offers running, fast delivery across the nation, and the best wholesale price for your bulk requirements. Lastly, on shopping for $135 or more, we get your shipment delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the US for free.

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