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Starbuzz Quick Instant Light 35mm Coconut Shell Hookah Shisha Charcoal

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Crown Hookah Charcoal

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Starbuzz Quick Instant Light 40mm Coconut Shell Hookah Shisha Charcoal

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Three Kings Hookah Charcoals

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Ring Hookah Charcoals

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Starbuzz Quick Instant Light 33mm Coconut Shell Hookah Shisha Charcoal

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CocoNara QuickLight Charcoal (100 Pieces)

Quick-light hookah coals don't take as much time as natural coals or coconut coals when heating up. Some light up as quick as 30 seconds and some take about 2 minutes to be fully lit and ready to inhale. We recommend these when you're on the go or when conventional heating methods are not feasible. We carry only the top performing brands on the market so rest assured that the instant-lighting coals you choose will be of high quality. If you want to learn more or need help selecting between different types of coals, get in touch with us. As always, we provide lots of reviews, pictures, galleries, and videos so you can research yourself and make a sound decision when purchasing quick lights or instant-light charcoal.

Most discussions about hookah charcoal are limited to the type and shape or form. There is a perennial debate pitting quick light charcoal against natural alternatives. The other conversation is centered on the common shapes: cube, flat, cubette, finger or stick, cuboid, hexagon or hex, circle or disc, and quarter circle, among others. It is necessary to delve beyond these differentiators if you wish to find the safest, the most reliable, and the longest-lasting quick light charcoal available in stores today.

Pertinent Facts about Quick Light Charcoal

Instant or quick light charcoal is preferred by many hookah enthusiasts for the sheer convenience of lighting them up in a minute or so, if not earlier. There are numerous brands of quick light charcoal and you may choose any size or shape you want. Some shisha enthusiasts prefer the silver hookah charcoal. Popularized in Japan, this type of quick light charcoal is coated with silver. Before you get to these specific variants, let us first understand the composition of hookah charcoal.

Composition of Hookah Charcoal

Hookah charcoal can be natural, synthetic, or a combination of organic and chemical substances. For instance, coconut shell is widely considered as the safest base material for hookah charcoal. Bamboo is also used by some manufacturers. Fruit trees such as citrus, especially orange and lemon, along with olive wood and other plants are also widely sourced. Some companies use sawdust as the primary raw material for hookah charcoal. The main component is supplemented by binders and other substances to form the shape and size you get to see in the finished product.

Coconut shell is inarguably the best raw material for hookah charcoal, followed by bamboo and then wood. Sawdust is not really the most desirable raw material. Chemical substances or synthetic ingredients should ideally be avoided. There are natural binders such as starch that can be used instead of chemical adhesives and other additives. All shisha lovers should know about the composition of hookah charcoal for every brand they consider. You should not confine your preferences to size alone.

Quick Light Charcoal | Organic vs. Synthetic

Natural charcoal does not catch fire in a second. The material takes time to get heated up. Most types of natural charcoal take minutes to start burning. The time required also depends on the severity of heat a piece of natural charcoal is subjected to. A standard cigarette lighter may not be able to light a relatively large size of natural charcoal. The heat source is not potent enough. This compels a user to turn to a charcoal burner or some special lighter. Quick light charcoal has a coating that speeds up this process.

Almost all brands of quick light charcoal use some kind of accelerant. This does imply every brand uses a synthetic ingredient or harmful chemical. Some companies offer natural charcoal made from coconut shells or other organic raw materials with a quick light feature. The choice should not be between natural and synthetic or organic and chemical. The choice should be between natural charcoal taking a long time to get ignited and organic quick light charcoal that can be lit in just a few moments.

Advantages of Coconut Shell Quick Light Charcoal

We at Zahrah bring to you coconut shell based quick light charcoal. Our expansive inventory has several types of hookah charcoal, but the quick light variants made from natural materials are always better and in greater demand. It is only natural for shisha enthusiasts to choose a safe, reliable, and long-lasting hookah charcoal for every session. Coconut shell quick light charcoal has a few noteworthy advantages.

  •         Coconut shell is a safe natural raw material. It does not produce the kind of tar and other toxins that many combustible materials generate when burned. The smoke is thus not harmful compared to burning chemicals and even the likes of sawdust.
  •         Coconut shell quick light charcoal is usually bound using natural starch. Chemical adhesives, additives, and other synthetic ingredients in hookah charcoal exude hundreds of derivative compounds, most of which are hazardous.
  •         Coconut shell quick light charcoal does not have any flavor or taste. The smoke is almost odorless. There is no aftertaste. All these features make coconut shell quick light charcoal a perfect heat source for hookahs. The flavors in your chosen shisha tobacco are not adversely affected by natural charcoal. The texture of the smoke remains pleasant. There is no chemical taste or aftertaste.
  •         Coconut shell quick light charcoal can be ignited easily. It can last much longer than chemical induced charcoal. Instant light charcoal comprising chemical accelerants burn faster and tend to go out in thirty to forty five minutes. Coconut shell lasts much longer, easily more than an hour for medium sized pieces, and up to an hour and a half for large sizes.
  •         Coconut shell quick light charcoal offers an even burn. Shisha connoisseurs are well aware of the uneven heat generated by instant light charcoal. This is why the pieces need to be moved, rotated, and replaced with fresh charcoal over time, often during the same session. Bid adieu to this problem.

Shop for Quick Light Charcoal at Zahrah

Zahrahusa.com has a vast inventory of coconut shell quick light charcoal. Choose your preferred size: 33mm, 35mm, 38mm, or 40mm. Choose your preferred form or shape, and the number of pieces you need. There are options ranging from one roll of ten pieces to packs containing hundreds of briquettes.

The quick light charcoal variants available at Zahrah can be ignited using a standard lighter. A charcoal burner is not necessary. Most of the variants we feature can be lit in thirty seconds. Some of the larger sizes may need up to a minute. The quick light charcoal variants in our inventory generate clean smoke. There is absolutely no interference of the charcoal pieces, be it in the flavor of your shisha tobacco or the texture of the smoke. Most of our quick light charcoal pieces can last an hour or longer. 

Quick Light Charcoal

15 products