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If you are not one to skimp on luxury and beauty for the sake of beauty, then Regal hookahs are for you. There is a type of hookah for every smoker, but if conventionality is the least of your concerns, welcome to Regal Hookahs. The company was founded in 2009 and it is one of few organizations that make truly beautiful pieces using the ultimate quality of materials and resources. They are focused on the art of elaborating hookahs and have created weldless hookahs with aerospace grade aluminum and exotic hardwoods that are genuinely breathtaking. Of course, with all these extras and wonderful aesthetics, Regal Hookahs go up in price but for some hookah enthusiasts, it is definitely worth the extra cost. If luxury, precision, extravagant detail, and function are your go-to characteristics, then feel welcomed to browse our selection of Regal hookahs that are bound to catch your eye.



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