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Fumari 100G

$ 10.99

Fumari Kilo

$ 79.99

Fumari has set a standard for the ultra-premium flavored tobacco. Based in San Diego, California, Fumari offers many mixes that have become everyone's favorite. From Spiced Chai, to White Gummy Bear, rest assured that once you try Fumari flavors, you are highly likely to want more. Their flavors are just addicting. Simple as that. Fumari releases new flavors every year, and they always taste great. The packaging is convenient and resealable for preservation. Fumari is highly recommended whether you're new to hookah or an enthusiast.

Fumari has been a long-held customer favorite here at Zahrah thanks to their premium tobacco that is produced in small batches and hand packed in flavor-lock pouches that maintain flavor and freshness for longer. Fumari has been around since 1997 and was founded in good ole’ San Diego, California. They start with hand-sourced, flue-cured tobacco and produce smaller quantities of each flavor in order to prevent a large production that can possibly go stale. Zahrah offers you their best flavors all right here with a click of your mouse; that’s more than 20 flavors, some unique to the brand, available at your doorstep in no time. Experience one of the most flavorful and freshest shisha tobaccos in the market at our site that brings only the best competitors and their products at your beck and call. We offer you two sizes; 1 kilogram and 100 grams, all are delivered in their flavor-locking pouch.



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