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Wookah Hookah Base

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Wookah Stem

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Wookah is a state of the art hookah manufacturer based out of Poland that specializes in making wooden hookahs. Wookah set out to create a hookah unlike any other found in the market and picked materials that are easy to mold and long lasting. By choosing wood as the primary material of the hookah, Wookah instantly differentiated it's products from all traditional hookahs. Wookah was founded in 2005 and since has become a prestigious brand that is recognized around the globe.

Wookah has been in the industry since 2005 and are now a more recognized company that make lovely wooden hookahs. Their production is located in Poland but we bring you closer to their endless variety of beautiful, wooden hookahs in just a click away. Each piece is manufactured with the highest quality of materials, both domestic and exotic wood are available. Wookah is also known to operate by environmental regulations, which is always a plus for planet Earth nowadays. Expect to receive an elegant work of art that you can enjoy thousands of smoke sessions from thanks to their use of stainless steel, natural leather, crystal glass, glass and ceramic (the combination of materials depends on the particular piece in question). Prices will vary but rest assured that at the end of the day you will have a genuine and superb Wookah hookah in your hands ready to be used.



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