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Zahrah Hookah was introduced in the summer of 2013 when they brought out a line up of extravagant all glass hookahs made in the USA. The glass hookahs made by Zahrah showed the world glass hookahs are not just a pretty show piece to put in a museum. Zahrah glass hookahs feature extraordinary designs that give a smoking experience as good as any traditional hookah. Zahrah started off as an all glass hookah manufacturer but recently they have begun to manufacture accessories as well as traditional style hookahs made out of modern materials.

Let us provide you with the best of the best, a Zahrah Hookah that will leave with no doubts about our product’s quality and function. Our hookahs are elaborated with high grade materials and you can find a wide array of differences depending on what it is that you are looking for. Search our selection and find the product that suits your budget but also your desires. Zahrah offers glass and steel hookahs; if you have yet to smoke from an all glass hookah, then you are in for a treat! We are set on manufacturing wonderful hookahs that can be used in any setting by all types of hookah fans. We have years behind us that have allowed us to gain a considerable amount of experience that we have worked into our products; in their design, build, aesthetics and more! You won’t be disappointed in any of our spectacular hookahs made with you in mind. 



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