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Zahrah Spade Being Used By Khloe Kardashian

The Zahrah Spade Junior Hookah Stem, a classic design with a modern touch. The Spade Junior gives you the same experience as it's big brother.

The Zahrah Spade Junior offers:

  • Aerospace 6061 aluminum for best durability.

  • High quality stainless steel downstem for easy cleaning.

  • Anodized stem to prevent paint from scratching and peeling.

  • Unique chamber design for smoother draw.

  • Smooth purge valve for better smoke release.

  • Included a stainless steel diffuser for quiet experience.


  • Height: Total 27" (stem+base), base is not included

  • Hose Support: 2

  • Bases supported: All Egyptian + Bohemian (with a 48-50mm opening)

In the Box:

  • Hookah Stem

  • 9" Aluminum Tray

  • Rubber Washers and Ball Bearings

  • Base Grommet

  • Additional Hose Adapters sold separately


Brand Hong Quat Packging

Kg 54g

Calo 36 Calo



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