The Latest Trend In The Hookah Industry: Millennial Hookahs


Zahrah Spade Hookah


Every few years the industry shifts and swivels its course from one direction to another. The traditional styled Egyptian hookahs have reigned over the industry for decades and still stand among the most popular designs. Then came the age of new modern hookahs that shifted the tides towards glass hookahs that merged a great smoking experience with work of art.

Now we are seeing a new phase in the industry as it shifts towards bringing traditional and modern hookahs into one piece. We call it the age of the Millennial Hookahs.

Millennial Hookahs can be described as new school hookahs that take the shape of a traditional Egyptian styled hookah while adapting modern manufacturing techniques to allow for an all metal finish.

As a leading hookah brand, Zahrah Hookah stays on top of modern trends and delivers what the customers want and need. We will be launching many new Millennial Hookahs over the course of time starting with the Zahrah Spade Hookah Stem on May 15th 2016. Check back with us and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay informed about future product releases.

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Do you have the zahrah spende stem available

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