The Making of the Zahrah H20 Bowl


The New Zahrah H2O Bowl

Posted by Zahrah Hookah on Sunday, March 20, 2016

The newly announced Zahrah H20 bowls have created a unique buzz in the industry with their innovative water retaining design. This week we want to share with you the entire process of making the bowls from start to finish.

In the video above, workers in the factory start off by sculpting raw clay into the shape of a hookah bowl. This is the most important part of the manufacturing process as it determines the shape and form of what the end result would be. The opening at the top is precisely measured to be 3" wide. Furthermore, the bowls are fully compatible with the Kaloud Lotus.

In the next process, the worker cleans the bowl to filter out any left over dirt or spectacles in order to bring out a smooth and soft finish to the bowls.

The next step is the most visually noticeable of all. Painting the bowl requires dipping the bowl inside a bucket filled with fresh paint. To get the dual tone finish, we let one side dry before dipping the bowl inside the second paint bucket.

Once the paint job is complete, the workers fit the bowls inside the over to let them cook. Bowls are placed side to side and are stacked on top on another to ensure maximum efficiency.

Once the bowls are cooked and taken out of the oven, they become hardened and near ready to be used. But you still have to wait to let them cool down first.

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