Beginners Guide: How to Set up Your Hookah

Beginners Guide: How to Set up Your Hookah


Hey hookah friends, we are once again with yet another hookah blog! We know you guys love smoking hookah. Where do you smoke it - at a friend’s place or a hookah bar or your home? Smoking a hookah and setting it up are two different things! So, do you know how to put it together? No? Don't worry we are going to share a step-by-step hookah setting guide with you, so next time you can prepare a hookah at your home!  

  • First thing first let's see what the basic parts of a hookah are. At the top is the bowl, then is your astray,  downstream, hose, then goes the base at the bottom. There is also a tong that comes with the hookah only. It helps you to work with your coals (the heated ones). No one wants to get burnt after all.   
  • Let's start with the base; we are going to fill it up with some ice cubes. It is optional, but we highly recommend this because it makes the hookah cooler, relaxing and less harsh. Break the ice cubes a little and fill half of the base with it. Avoid filling it up more than half, or else it will get clogged. Now, fill an inch of the base with some water. Using water is mandatory.  
  • Now coming to the bowl setup,  take the Hookah flavor of your choice. break it and put it in the bowl. Breaking the flavor lets the air go through it enhancing the flavor.  Now you would need an Aluminum foil and a needle. Cover the bowl with the Aluminum foil in such a way so that the top is plain. Then take the needle and start poking the aluminum cover all over. Aim for a dozen or more holes at even space as they will let the heat into the flavor.  
  • Now that we have got our base filled with water and ice and the bowl stacked with flavor, it's time to put the downstem on the base. Attach the hose to the stem, then put the bowl on the top.  Make sure it's properly sealed.   
  • It's time to light it up. There are two kinds of coals; one is quick self-igniting, and another is natural coal. If you are using natural coal, then you have to light it up until it turns orange which generally takes 8 to 10 minutes on stove or gas. On the other hand, the quick self-igniting coal takes 10 to 30 seconds to light up. All you need is a torch, and you are ready to go. You need to light up two to three coal cubes And place them on the outer edge of the bowl. Don't put them in the center or it will start getting harsh.  Now you are all set up. Just sit down on your couch and enjoy your hookah!

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