Blonde leaf vs Dark leaf shisha

Blonde leaf vs Dark leaf shisha


If you didn’t know before, you will now! Shisha can be made from blonde leaf tobacco or dark leaf tobacco. Most shisha brands will have two lines or more of tobacco. This means that one brand may produce blonde leaf shisha and dark leaf shisha. We’ll begin discussing the differences between them soon enough so you can make educated decisions when it comes to choosing your next shisha flavor, brand or creation.

Blonde leaf tobacco is also referred to as golden leaf tobacco. Golden leaf tobacco will be washed during the production process and that will further erode the natural nicotine levels present. Golden leaf tshisha is typically flavored with honey or other natural sweeteners, however, this will depend entirely on the brand in question. Blonde leaf is recommended for new smokers, for those looking for a low buzz factor and for those who want only flavor. This type of tobacco usually works best when it is packed lightly or loosely into the bowl.
Many popular shisha brands work with blonde leaf tobacco. You may be familiar with an yof the following for example: Starbuzz, Al-Fakher, Trifecta Tobacco, Al Waha, and Azure to name a few.

Dark leaf tobacco blends are made from unwashed tobacco leaves, which results a greater measure of nicotine. Burley tobacco, another name for dark leaf tobacco, will usually be flavored with molasses. This type of shisha tends to be dark colored, robust and even earthy. Due to their high buzz, it is typically recommended for experienced hookah smokers. Many hookah smokers will densely pack their bowls with this type of tobacco in order to reap a bigger buzz.
Some popular shisha companies that produce flavors using burley leaf tobacco include Tangiers, Starbuzz’s Vintage, Lavoo Dark, Nirvana Shisha and Azure Black.

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