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Hookah Tutorial: How to Clean Your Hookah Hose


It is imperative to clean your hookah hose to keep your hookah flavors from getting altered. Often the flavors from the previous sessions, stick inside of the hose ruining the flavors. So, you must clean it thoroughly. Well, hoses are of two kinds washable and non-washable.

This hookah hose cleaning tutorial is for your washable hoses. Kindly don't try it on your non-washable hose, they have a special inner lining that can get corroded and never be used again.

Let's start with the Hookah tutorial now:

Cleaning Your Washable Hookah Hose

  • You would need some orange juice, hot water, and a funnel. It would be better if you follow the procedure near the washbasin to prevent mess around your room.
  • First, take out the hose. Remove the mouthpiece if there is any. Block one end with your thumb and put in the funnel on the other one. It prevents spillage. 
  • Now, put in a little bit of orange juice. Give it a shake – take one end higher than the other. Repeat with the other. It will make the juice flow in through the hose – cover the whole area inside.
  • Now, fill up half of the tube with some hot water. Remove the funnel, clog that end with your thumb and shake it again. 
  • Lower one end into the basin, remove your thumb, let the water drain out.
  • Put in the funnel once again, fill it up with some water and make the water run through it. It helps to remove the traces of orange juice from inside. 
  • Blow air through the hose; it will force out all the remaining drops of water.
  • Swing it; believe it or not, swinging it great to drive out water and other particles.
  • Hang it on some hook or coat hanger with both ends down and air dry for a couple of hours.

That's it your hose is clean. Next hookah session, you will notice the difference in the flavor and pat your back for cleaning it up.

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