Hookah Foil Wall Tutorial: How To Make A Foil Wall Around Your Hookah Bowl


Hookah Foil Wall Tutorial:

It's time for another hookah blog for all the crazy hookah fans out there. Today, we will tell you how to make a foil wall around the bowl. Well, before we get into the hookah tutorial, let's tell you why you need it. Firstly, it keeps the coal from falling off the top of the bowl. Secondly, it prevents the coal cubes from getting cold. It would be hotter with a wall than it would have been otherwise. So, you would be able to enjoy your hookah for long!

Making the Foil Wall

There is no fixed rule or method to make it however, following this guide will help you make a stronger foil wall for your hookah. Take around 6 to 7 inch long aluminum foil. Then you need to roll it – keep it ½ inch or more wide. Tap it well, so it gets hard and thick. If you need a wider wall, then consider taking a bigger sheet of foil.

Leave it for the last couple of inches; don't roll then. This part of the foil will hold the wall in its place around the bowl. Now, take the bowl and place it on one end of the wall. The tapered wall side would be over the rim of the bowl, rest will be covering the shaft of the bowl. Now, press it firmly around the bowl so there is no space in between. Having a snug fit ensures that no air comes in and it won't fall off that easily. To make sure that it is working well, put some ignited coal on it and make sure it is working well. You can improvise it accordingly.

Another quick foil trick to help you quick charge your hookah; place a foil on the top of the coal like a lid at the top of the wall. It helps the air inside get quickly hot so you can get dense smoke within a few drags. Try out this foil wall trick and see the difference. Don't forget to share your experience with us!

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